Dil Chahta Hai..Kabhi na Beete CHamkile Din..

Due to the unavailability of spare time and spare comp, I am unable to write all that I would have loved to. I have started and left 3-4 blogs in middle in past few days! :( Just one week left here, and a lot is to be done in these last few days. These last few days… well, I have heard this phrase so many times in past 3-4 months, that officially they should not have any effect on me any longer. “The last” never seem to really come. After leaving a place, I get back there, after leaving friends I find myself around them once again! As if the Time (remember “Main samay hoon…” from Mahabharata? :P) was saying, it isn’t time yet!

Well, everything happens for a reason, and happens for good. My most recent enlightenment. And it isn’t all theory or resulting from grandma-like strong faith, it is a tried and tested result! Everything does happen for some good. It is just a question of perspective. These 2 months have taught me a lot, and helped me a lot. I made great friends (after a long gap in life), I had fundoo times – of which I am very thankful, since I didnt want to leave campus on a sad note, I roamed about the places, learnt new things, and most importantly came out of my negative brooding state. Not that everything is happening how I would like it to be in life, there is a lot which I would like to change. But that is not the point or an issue either! If you ask me, I would like to be in God’s place (as for atheists, who don’t believe in God, I would like someone to first prove God’s existence and then be the God!) But then that’s never gonna happen, right? So would I spend the rest of my life not wishing for things which are never going to happen, or for crying for such things? No, none of the two. What life would be if one can’t wish for impossible to happen? The imagination will be destroyed forever. What life would be if one just crys for the moon? An insane one. So, the idea isn’t to crib and yet keep wishing/dreaming. My latest resolution (which I made yesterday, after watching “Naam Ada Likhna ..” video yet again and while talking to a cousin who had just been to Kashmir [:(])was to spend atleast a month in Kashmir!(this goes in a whisper: hopefully on honeymoon :P how boring it would be to be alone in such a romantic place, no? :D)

So my dear friends and dearer foes, let me end this post here (as I gotta do lot of things, remember?) with a quote I once wrote on my collage: 

My candle burns at both the ends, it may not last the night.

But ah my friends and oh my foes, it gives such a beautiful light!  

For those who would like to read something more sensible, check out Rashmi’s latest blog. A pretty good article on the hardships faced by people who are bold enough (or unlucky enough!!!) not to go into traditional engg, med, CA, law careers! More on this later…


3 thoughts on “Dil Chahta Hai..Kabhi na Beete CHamkile Din..

  1. “I had fundoo times – …..”

    Thats a very positive attitude

    ‘Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference’ Winston Churchill

    Best wishes


  2. May all your wishes come true…specially the honeymoon part and all. It would truely be boring for anyone to spend time alone in the paradise on earth!!!


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