Aye Bhai..

zara dekh ke chalo… aage hi nahi peeche bhi… dai h nahi bain bhi… uper h nahi neeche bhi… ….eh duniya ek Circus hai…!! Who wrote those intelligent philosophical words?? My mind doesn’t seem to capture. In this noise with Britney Spears shouting that she did it again.. and with this keyboard missing lot of kes and me having to hit hard the keyboard isn’t making my hard disk work any faster.

Welcome to the Coporate World. So reads my inbox. The “sab GaNda hai Per DHanDa Hai Yeh” World! So proves Madhur Bhandarkar’s movie. Not that Media is an different, so lets take it with a pinch of salt.

The frst thing which hit me as I stepped down the wonderful Kingfisher Airlines (fundoo service – best exp I had so far in India) was the chilly wind. I was happy! Next I saw a deserted policeman cubicle like typical red telephone booths in London which said proudly “Texas Instruments” and I knew what I was going in for. Here there are as many billboards for software companies as there are for clothes, shoes, soaps. Rest all is obvious.

I would have liked to wrte more. But my patience n time is running out. This keyboard is driving me nuts and so is the slow comp. Wait till I get my own place n comp. The house hunt is on! And franly it is not as bad as I thought. You may say it is all about how prepared you are!



One thought on “Aye Bhai..

  1. sahi hai bey!! b’lore pahuch ke aapne kya kya socha tha, aur kya kya ho gaya ;-) !! abhi office mai aake thoda bahut kaam kiya for a change :-P ! aur itna heavy brkfast karne ke baad i don’t even feel like going for banana brk!! so munzden’s the brk venue for me right now :-D !!


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