At the right angles

Walking down the street, with the air in my hair, trees singing dancing on the sides, a church standing tall, a fruitwala slicing up the watermelon, I smile to myself. As I overlook the traffic on the road, as I mute the noise around me – the honking vehicles, the cacophony of jerking buses, as I ignore the people as they cross each other, everyone in a hurry to reach their office. Remember the typical New York scene in any English movie? If I ever dreamt of being a career-oriented woman who takes pride in wearing formal shirt-trousers-high heels-talking in highly fluent English in that typical corporate world accent, standing shoulder to shoulder with a man – oh how successful I would have felt! 

If asked to describe in one word, I would say, Bangalore is a curvilinear city! The roads are not rectilinear, there are no corners, no crossings, there are only roads meeting each other! There are no right angles in the city. Perfect for people with no or little direction sense. There are no parallel roads here, and it is so well un-planned that I am sure there aren’t any concentric circles either. I take pride in saying that I have seen most of city by the end of my first two weeks. Thanks to the ever-refreshing exercise of house hunting. There are no zebra crossings in the city where there must be maximum pedestrians. But, undoubtedly, Bangalore is a beautiful city, with a fundoo lake and reasonable greenery. Had I been a Bangalor-ite I would have hated to see my city falling apart coz of the IT bloom, little infrastructure and lack of any planning. But then there is a lot more to Bangalore than I have been able to explore so far! So I am not complaining.

The fruity girl. That’s what I am called in the office. I bring fruits in lunch. Sitting on desk the entire day doesn’t do much good to my appetite, so I have switched to healthy food in the daytime. It took me two weeks to get used to the routine of sitting in one chair the entire day. But I m very much there now. I have stayed up late in the office today to write this blog.

Sab Ganda hai Per Dhanda Hai Yeh!

Who wrote this song? Main us aadmi ke paer choona chahati hun! J Awesome man!



What else? Writing all this draws me to the fact that my life is so constrained these days. Office, cardamom tea (with an awful stink), maggi tomato soup, ironed clothes- matching shoes which hurt my soles and feet, talking in Hinglish more than I would like to, one-room home, TV, video channels, Zee Café, long long STD calls to my friends….

Ok ok, it isn’t so bad actually. Or well, it won’t stay so bad. Also, my average sleeping time is 8-9 hours these days!!! So I should say, it won’t stay so good either ;)  As soon as I get a place, I am getting enrolled in dance classes – ballroom to start with, I am eating good home food, I going out on weekends, and I m meeting more interesting people – activity partners.

Got to take a steep right turn ASAP!





4 thoughts on “At the right angles

  1. “activity partners”

    God ! I hate the word from the bottom of my heart. May be because in this country atleast, this weird “activity partner” has replaced the simple unassuming “friend”.


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