The Rabbit Hole

“The rabbit-hole went straight on like a tunnel for some way, and then dipped suddenly down, so suddenly that Alice had not a moment to think about stopping herself before she found herself falling down a very deep well.”

-from The Alice in Wonderland

I feel somewhat similar. And for those who like to think a little too much, the “falling” part isn’t used here in the negative sense. Basically, a lot of things happened in past week. We got an aashiyana for next 11 months, with a clause that we won’t be leaving the house in next 11 months or we wont get our advance of 1 lakh back!! More landlords should do that, it would be best way to lower the attrition rate and change the current trend of switching jobs like mobiles.

Next, we had a fancy dress show in Office on Friday. Well, it wasn’t exactly that, but should have been called that. The organizers called it “The Ethnic Day”. People came as bihari babu, bengali – madrasi males females.. etc etc. Well.. the best part was that we got good stuff to eat! Everything else is immaterial! ;)

Finally, I went out of the city yesterday. On a bike ride to ~60kms away Nandi Hills with a colleague. The weather was awesome and it was my first long bike ride. So had a pretty nice time! Also, there is a big lake in the heart of the city, some >1.5 kms away from my guest house. I went for an evening walk there, and cursed myself for not exploring the area before. Its the best place to come for morning jog! It seems the high-tech bangalore crowd doesn’t like the only natural spot in the city much, so they buzz around the big malls and bring happinezz to their lives in the Sales Season, and the not-so-rich-localities find peace and pleasure and space (for lovers!) in the park around the lake.

Well, honestly, even I was swayed by the sale. And for the first time I realised the importance of credit. The importance of plastic. The revolution of plastic. The era of debt. Total American Debt is $44 trillion. And it is only increasing. And this virus is only spreading. I couldn’t have agreed more with Anuradha more here. But when you gotta run a household, you need money. And who doesn’t want to live life kingsize? With 50%-30% discount, the plastic comes out and runs through the machine far more than it would have done otherwise. And people live happily ever after. Very few, like me, remain unfortunate.

Oops, again I went in that negative mode. I guess this is the signal to stop and wrap up for the day.

Aur haan, Happy Independence Day. Freedom for me is … being able to wrap the flag of the nation around my head and use it as a scarf! Thanks to the amended laws – I am being ablw to do so now!! Jai Hind!!


8 thoughts on “The Rabbit Hole

  1. @anon

    @you (kapil is it?)
    :) tenku! kab aarahe ho khane pe?

    what is hard to believe here? you live in a glass world dear with your own reflection! zara bahar nikalo aur jaano pehchaano duniya ko – it is mind-blowing!


  2. “zara bahar nikalo aur jaano pehchaano duniya ko – it is mind-blowing”

    I hope you are not in your negetive mode here….and if you are not then it is actually hard to believe!! :)


  3. Full marks for guessing it right.

    Hum main deshi Daal Baati khane waale log, Yeh fruit lunch, healthy dinner appreciate nahi kar paayenge :-P

    Also wish you a happy independence day. Cmon MunMun G desh ke liye kuch kar dkhao..


  4. @rupal
    not getting you… whats so hard to believe??

    oye.. main bhi ekdam desi hoon bhai! aur jyada chidhane ki zaroorat nahi hai be.. :( neway mom will be here next month – i m definitely eating daal baati then! fir dekhna phone karke terko chidhaungi >:P


  5. MunMun Ji,

    Aapne kafee samay se koi blog nahi likha :(. GMAT went quite well, I scored 720, hv TOEFL on monday.

    Haan or late night main dinner nahi karna chahiye, thats bad for health :-P


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