A happy ending

When you are in that phase of life when you have everything – gaadi, bangla, naukri, paisa, (aur maa bhi), when you have no responsibilities towards anyone else except yourself, when the mantra of people with you is to eat, live and be happy, then there should be no reason to face troubles in sleeping unless ofcourse you are in love(!) which would explain kyon aajkal neend kam khwab jyada hein..!! But drifting to dreamland is always quite a tricky activity. Take the case of my 3 yrs old nephew for instance, after an exhausting day of playing, running, and more playing, when he’s totally tired and drenched out of energy he still wants a story before he sleeps off!

Most adults have a similar need to shun off the normal world they are awake in, in order to enter the dreamland. All have their own way of solving the problem. Some read a novel, some watch TV, some talk with friends and loved ones, some listen to romantic/sad music, some stare at the stars and moon above before finally closing their eyes and drifting away into sweet slumber. Sometimes none of this works. Or atleast fails to give you the satisfaction you wanted. Why else would there be so many songs on sleepless nights? And this especially happens, when you are at that stage in life when you have good friends, close friends, best friends, and yet something’s amiss. When due to the lack of real responsibility towards anyone, you miss that someone who you can take care of, and in turn be taken care of. This is the time when the happy ending in a story smears its magic on you.

Rapunzel is rescued from the witch to live happily every after with her prince, Sleeping Beauty is kissed awaken from her dead sleep and the entire castle dances in merriment, Cinderella is fred from her miseries – again in the arms of her prince… By default, every fairy tale ends with a boy meeting girl. With their falling in love, and then living happily every after. I guess Walt Disney never considered break ups, broken hearts or thought these issues to be unsuitable for children. Even though all children see their parents fights, agruments, a fairy tale is kept simple, sweet and unreal. It is this simplicity and illusion which charms us all, big and small.

How good it would be if life worked like a fairy tale! A guy and a girl, meeting, falling in love, living together and this going in recurssion for every generation. Never would there be one sided love, or love triangle, never would there be heartbreaks, accusations, blames, misunderstandings.. or sleepless nights! Yea, it would be the end of the world. Without love serenades, without karan johar flicks, without dard ki daastaan… and ofcourse, without the need to imagine. The price to pay for perfection would be many times greater than the price we pay for imperfection!


5 thoughts on “A happy ending

  1. A happy ending wud be too boring in real life i think..i really wonder..what did cindrella and her prince did after they were married to always live happily. Unless u r sad , it is really impossible to cherish some of those happy moments. :D


  2. But the difference in real life is that you get to choose what to call an “end” of the story unlike films or books – who knows what the real “endings” are? :)


  3. @kapil
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    hmm… “happy ending too boring in real life”.. boss, kahin aaj tera ladne ka plan to nahi na? :P

    Agree and not agree. First, there are no “real” endings of a fairy tale. There are only “happy” endings. Secondly, strictly speaking, I don’t think anything really “ends” other than lives in reality. But by not-too-strict definition, I would say, with which you would not agree (the same old discussion on the locus of control), you don’t choose to call an “end”. Stories merely end, as everything else.


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