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A colonial educationist Mayhew wrote this about our education system some sixty years ago:

When the educated Indian is most himself, in the expression of his deepest emotion, and in the domestic or communal enjoyment of his leisure, he shows the least trace of what our schools and colleges have given him.

How true this statement stands even in present senario! And how well it explains why there are so many social “evils” still prevelant in the society. Why the father of the bride has to pay the dowry in the marriage of his “convent educated fair intelligent girl” to a highly educated 6-figure salary earner groom?! How many of the guys who are reading this blog right now, who obviously are quite highly educated from some of the best colleges in the country, would not take dowry in their own marriages? The quote captures it all.


12 thoughts on “Ed. Quote

  1. Hello Anu,

    Thanks for quoting my quote in your esteemed e-blog site. I wrote this quote sixy years ago and I myself find this statement irrelevant in emerging India. You should look around and you will find confident and determined Indians. They still have preserved love, intellegence, soverneity but have left behind traditional unjustified customs.

    I wish you a good luck in finding such a bright and intellegent groom for yourself.



  2. @Kapil
    The typical male chauvinist attitute! And you are yet not out of “IIT mode”, are you? Grow up man! See what our reverable Mayhew (commentor) has to say about changing times!

    The word ‘educated’ is used in normal sense. You won’t call an IIT professor, winner of many awards, an uneducated person, would you? And yet they might fall in the category mentioned in the quote.

    Oh! How shocked I am! It’s a pity that the changing waves took you along so too strongly and you had to join politics after all these years! If I am not wrong you must be in BJP, and perhaps you, the enlightened one, have come up with “Indian Shining” campaign! You have a talent and as your words echo – a bright future in the politics of “emerging India”!


  3. Dear Anu,

    Please do not be so harsh on kapil. I have known him for long. Although he is one of those highly educated 6-figure salary earner but also he is one of those emerging indians I was talking about.

    Just add IIT in his sentence “Educated Fair Intelligent girl, Impossible” and even you or mirror won’t disagree with him :)



  4. @Mayhew

    Kya yaar you broke my heart! :( I thought you would say “… you or a high IQ test won’t disagree with him”… Now how would I live with this fact?! …..


  5. Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day?
    Thou art more lovely and more temperate:
    Rough winds do shake the darling buds of May,
    And summer’s lease hath all too short a date.


  6. Dear Anu,

    You must have realized by now that one’s view are merely based on his/her perception. Your views and remarks are also based on perception for a human being. Would request you to modity your perception about Indians, life and me :)

    If you have not guessed my identity till now then I will be forced to say that “both mirror and IQ test won’t disagree”. But those lines from shakespear still holds…I know


  7. “You won’t call an IIT professor, winner of many awards, an uneducated person, would you?”
    I might not call him uneducated but I might not call him educated either, as a matter of fact an IIT tag is the first thing which would create doubt!!


  8. @mayhew ~ kapil(!!)
    Salle kameene!! Seriously you guys are impossible!! Tu itna smart bhi nahi hai jitna samajhta hai, I just got confused ‘coz you had already posted a comment by your pen-name (“ME”!!!) But I know you had a great laugh on my expense!! Dekh lungi… every dog has its day – yaad rakhna! >:P

    oye, tu to ultimate senti hua karti thi kuch profs per.. woh kaunse prof they jinki daant sunne jaya karti thi Madame Geek!! :P


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