As we live it..

<Background music> Woh Kagaz ki kashti woh baarish ka pani.. muhalle ki sabse purani nishani… woh budhiya jisse bachhe kehte the nani.. woh nani ki baaton mein pariyon ka dera.. woh chehre ki zhuriyon mein sadiyon ka dera.. bhulaye nahi bhool sakta hai koi..

<Ambience> Quiet neighbourhood. Only a faint voice coming from adjacent room of someone talking over the phone.

<Actions – 1 hour back> 1..2..3..5..6..7 Salsa steps.. lots of laughing, twisting, twirling, stepping on feet.. A walk in the green

<Actions – 2 hour back> The hullabaloo of a local market. The faint n strong smells. The scented sticks burning in a mandir. So many kinds of flowers. Pretty flowers. The freshy popped corns. In different flavors. The colourful displays in front of shops. Different faces. Everyone in a search of something or someone. Grocery, fruits n vegs bags in my hands.

<Actions -1 day back> Discussion on the relevance of losing one’s virginity before marriage – with anyone or someone special, sex n arranged marriages .. on a dinner table with friends. One of us hushing from time to time as we are in a posh resturant where families are eating. The tabooed topics.

<Actions – 4 days back> 10 odd people in a room. Some of them call each other friends, some reportee/manager. All call themselves a team. All manage to dance together on random beats. Exchanging looks. A team meeting. Sending sms to the person across the table. Winking and making the other person smile. That understanding look. I know you are sleepy, I know you are bored. I know the pain. The look which you exchange when a manager farts (I meant in terms of poorest pathetic joke ever!). The look which says you are concentrating so well that you would come up with the most brilliant idea – only the idea never arrives fully! The look which really says leave me alone, so many meetings are not really knowledge exchange platform but utter wastage of time!

<Action – 5 days back> A peaceful dinner while watching friends. Awesome cholle, chawal, n masala bread. A heated discussion on the merits n demerits of growing Indian economy. The limited knowledge – built by impressions from here and there. The growth rate which is dependent on GDP is increasing which is a good sign. What about the poor becoming poorer? The middle layer is slowly slowly diminishing and the upward movement is more than the lower. There are only two economic structures which people can think of – capitalism/socialism? And ofcourse, its an established truth that socialism is a failure. The very concept is stupid. Hence, we are left with no other option but capitalism. It promotes “competition”. Which is a good and necessary thing.

<Action – 10 days back> Raindrops sliding slowly against the window. A Santro window. And love is all that I need.. And I found it there in your heart.. It isn’t too hard to see ..We’re in heaven. Four friends rocking to the music coming from the new car speakers. The wet roads we slide through, the parks we pass by, the moments we capture to cherish lifelong. Without saying much, without doing much. Only being there. With each other. A smile on my face, of satisfaction. Feels like home.

<Action – 4 months back> Goodbye-ing a friend, who I know would be all alone for a long time to come, in a strange land, in new settings, with old people in new masks. Probably she has already understood life is to be lived alone. Hopefully she would understand happiness is nothing but a state of mind. Like love.

<background music – an year back> beeti na bitayi raina.. bheegi hui aankhiyon ne laakh bujhayein raina..

<Action- an year back> Writing blog.. trying to make out of things about this n that happening here n there… questioning about events happening in the world, in my world… about people around me…

<A blub lights!> Ah! Nothing lasts forever (As Bryan Adams says correctly) and nothing really changes…


9 thoughts on “As we live it..

  1. [Few mins back] Hot choclate at airport from CCD and checking out new people coming to a strange land, getting used to new setting . and thinking while sipping hot choclate how familiar this strange place and this strange setting has become and how to again take back control of ur lost life. :D


  2. Ambience: Seems lota got the love. Congratulations to him
    1HB: Wow!so finally, A short description apparently means that tall, dark, handsome people were missing :)
    1DB: Virginity is an overrated virtue, also its lack of competency/opportunity
    4DB: Trademark appeared, pray those managers dont peek into your Blog
    5DB: Agreed, but prolly when you join a NGO you have to defer
    10 DB: Car, speakers, a day at the Niagra Falls…Blinded

    Seems you are too busy, have no time at all …


  3. @rajat
    You are probably the best roomie possible! Agar duniya mein koi best-roommate award hota to definitely woh terko milta… :*


    When two people converse with only their perspective in mind, it is often impossible for them to put their msg across.
    For the records, I dont agree with 5DB’s seemingly concluding remark. I only jot down the track of argument.

    thanks :D

    ???? daaru peeene ke baad insaan ko seedhe so jana chahiye (after having loads of water) ;-)


  4. Yup

    After 2nd reading I did realized that I misinterpretated, sorries…Anu/capitalism, def. mismatch :)

    Also, your wishes may sail me through once again. Thanks !!


  5. I though your last “action” was kind of incomplete, so I am trying to complete it:

    ” Writing blog.. trying to make out of things about this n that happening here n there… questioning about events happening in the world, in my world… about people around me…
    and a friend comes, makes me realise that I have not come out of my roo since morning and then asks for going out for bhelpuri…..and then a long walk…:)”

    On a serious note: good that you know now that happiness is just a state of mind but then you must have also known by now ( or if not then you will come to know) that this state is difficult to achieve…and there are no degenerate states at this level :)


  6. @dear anonymous

    Yup, you completed the last action… The bhelpuri, the park 67, the tree which holds kashi-phal (remember?)…
    and happiness… Sometimes is v easy to achieve it my friend, just those above mentioned memories of past bring a smile – which lasts “forever” – to my face.. I think it do to you too.. :)


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