So how’s it going?

My manager is miles n miles away from me. I was almost on the verge of missing him when I had a brief call with him today, and I was happy yet again that he’s at the other face of the earth. My manager’s manager became sugar sweet overnight! People at office are chilling out in general. If you are wondering why, then probably you aren’t in a KPO/BPO or don’t know how they work. You see, thanksgiving just went by last week, and this is holiday/festive time for Amru folks. Which means we – the lesser mortals – can also take a chill pill and sit back. 

So I should be very cool and chilled out in life these days right? Every week there is some plan to go out of town. Sometimes to jungles, sometimes to pretty beaches. Sometimes to trek, sometimes to luxurious resorts. Then there are lunch-dinner parties. There are leisurely sundays, when you can sleep as much as you want, get ready in the evening in something traditional, wear a bindi and go to the beautifully decorated temples of south india. Or go to friends place, have a nice discussion/conversation over dinner. And wonder how life could be so good.

People are talking about marriages. Some are even getting married soon. People are making plans of going to Australia, Europe in coming December holidays. Some people have even left. Some talk to their ex-s. Hoping to meet them soon. Weird relationships. Relationships are weird, always. Some waiting to go back home. Some hoping to get out of homes. Some even ready to break all the ties with the place called home. But everyone comfortable more or less in their present situation. Who said money isn’t everything?

Remember the times in college, when we used to plan a month ahead about trips to the only mall-kind-place in a city-degrading-to-shithole? When travelling in taxi used to be such a big a deal? When spending 200/- per head on a meal was being extravagant? Remember every time we used to go home and got cash for day to day expenses or heavy cheques from parents, we would register it in our mind and would feel – here goes another bundle of hard earned money being wasted on me… I should be in a jubliant mood all the time comparing my life before 6-7 months. Who cares if job sucks? As long as you are in the COMFORT ZONE. Easy coming money, in more than required figures, a lifestyle which doesn’t give you enough space – hence you can’t do much and can’t feel guilty about not doing much, friends to share lives with, and more than anything else the feeling of – Independence. No not in every aspect, but definitely financially.

So, when you ask me what’s new, I would only talk global. Like we do in monthly meetings. I would gladly compare my present life with what it was some months back, and wonder if present is just a dream. Now I know how people are able to spend their lives like this. It is the comfort zone which they get accustomed to. And that is why they do their best and try that their kids also finally enter the comfort zone. And that is why we saw so much hue and cry over the issue of reservations in entrance into prestigious colleges. The pieces of the puzzle fit in. Oh yes, I have only begin my life in the big bad world and have got the best seats in the Europa hall of life. I don’t yet care about buying a house, mortgage rates, personal loans, home loans, EMIs and so on. But even if I move down, how far can I fall? Probably, I would be moved out of Europa and would have to do with a regular hall in PVR. The comfort zone would (always) be maintained. The entrance tickets made sure of this. The price for me to stay in the club-lit, fragrant, frequently-polished hall has already been paid.

You: So how’s life?

Me: Can’t complain!


9 thoughts on “So how’s it going?

  1. :)

    Friday evening daaru, picnics with office junta, general faaltugiri and all….

    yaar, I’m missing all this, yaar….

    mera number kab aayega? :(


  2. I would be moved out of Europa and would have to do with a regular hall in PVR …
    Excellent…very nicely written…but hadd hai ..even when u move down..u dont leave PVR :D. i am sure u dont mind moving down to rex, symphony or for that matter no hall at all..the comfort zone can still be found somehow..;)


  3. @ghati
    hmm.. it is not office parties which one miss, but company of friends.. tera no. bhi aa jayega agar tu naye friends dhundh le to.. (i know the same ol’ lecture..!)

    yeah, you are quite correct in saying that comfort zone can be reached somehow, but you would ,i am sure, agree that money has an imp part to play in any comfort zone. To further clarify, I wasn’t necessarily talking abt my personal preferences here, but also of junta like me, around me. I would probably not mind leaving the hall ‘coz I might not care abt the movie, or might be just too curious about the world outside. ;)

    daadu yeh kehte they.. chachu woh kehte they… question is tu kya kehta hai :P (more importantly, tu kya follow karta hai ;) )


  4. Rs 200 per head in a meal in kanpur :O …Mehfil mai bhi max 120-130 per head padhta tha yaar! aur mai sirf khud ko follow karta hu, baaki koi iss duniya mai follow karna laayak nahi :D


  5. baat to sahi
    actually I’ve got sufficient new friends, Ab main friendniyon ki talaash mein hoon…

    which are hard to find of course, in a tech company.

    I think I’ll take up a job in some advt firm, what?


  6. hadd hai … arbit frustration wala article hai ..

    mast raho masti main .. aag lage basti main ..

    2 baten ho sakti hai

    1) shayad main life ko itni gehrayi se dekh nahin pata
    2) shayad main life ko itni gehrayi se dekhna naihn chahta …

    whatever it be .. i think someone up there has given us quite a good life .. and we shudnt be cribbing abt it .. although we still do ..

    satisfaction is the key word all of us miss …


  7. @vikas

    abe yaar… ab main non-crib articles bhi likhti hun usmein bhi log crib dhundh lete hein… main bhi to vahi bol rahi thi jo tu bol raha hai!! i wasn’t being judgemental yaar?!!


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