Happy New Year!

ha ha ha ……
i dream of cheese balls,
then i dream of yesterday’s ball,

i dream of choclates and cake,
but then i thought one day i will have to wake,

i dream of poori sabzi and omellete,
may be coz of this dream, i again got late,

i dream of pop-corns , lager beer and golden fried corns,
but then i also think about how fat i have grown…

i dream of all the movies and lovely weekend like this…


So you all know how our new year went. To me it felt as if I am in a trance, or a movie character. Well, why I felt like a movie character is quite clear – after watching fiction day-in-day-out, after eating that stuff, dreaming that stuff, thinking that stuff for an entire week, you can’t help living in it!

Anyways, wish you all a very happy new year! And Rajju, hope we keep up with this year resolution – it is so close to our heart that I don’t think we can ever forget it! Right? ;)


4 thoughts on “Happy New Year!

  1. now rajju have got a new year resolution, a b’day resolution and few more…next resolution shud be not to take any resolutions any more :P

    P.S. : Don’t mind ;-)


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