Wild Things

16.5 days ~ 400 hours ~ 272 waking hours ~ 2 festivals ~ 1 arrival ~ 1 departure ~ 2 birthday parties (one real, one not so) ~ ta-thai-tat-thai ~ so many pressure cooker whistles ~ 1 news.

 “jaage hein der tak humhein kuch der sone do,

thodi si raat aur hai subah to hone do.

aadhe adhure khwaab jo poore na ho sake,

ek baar phirse neend mein woh khwaab bone do.”

-Gulzar for movie The Guru

 So much has happened so far in the new year. At the wake of 2007 while watching Love Actually – an all time favourite movie – I was thinking whether this year would be as eventful as the last one. Recalling back, I had a typical twenty-something year in 2006. Ups and downs, extremes of sorrows n joys, loads of surprises – some good, some bad, heartbreaks n affairs, dreamless sleeps n sleepless nights, days of going hungry n hogging  at 7 stars hotels, living in solitude-living with someone. If I were old n wrinkled, I would have proudly said, I have seen all the shades of life.

But 17 days gone and I know a lot more is to come.

So, what all has been happening? To begin with, the latest news is that, my bro-my roomie- and my best friend in town has left the country for few days. He would most likely be back by the end of next month. Till then, I am kinda lone n miserable. Well, in my defence, my training of 5 years of living alone went down the drain in past 6 months. Read Kafka’s Metamorphosis if you are unable to see my point. Kabhi kabhi akele mein, yeh gaana sun ker so jati hun aur filmi kadradaan mehsoos kerti hun –

“jab bhi milti hai mujhe, ajnabi lagti kyon hai

zindagi roz naye rang badalti kyon hai.

tumse bichde hein to ab kisse milati hai humhein,

zindagi dekh yeh kya rang dekhati hai humhein.”

-Shahryar for Umrao Jaan (1981)

To ab main bebas besahara kis bahane jiungi. The situation is worst for me, as I am one of those who live to eat. And one of those, who would die but won’t cook for herself. BTW, if you didn’t get it, my middle name is Contradiction. I am keeping my fingers crossed that none of my friends who have been offering to come to my place since yesterday (since Rajat left) and who I m kinda ignoring, read this post. Else we will only meet at my funeral next.

So I stop my fake cribbing here and give the good… nah.. the great news. And let me warn those who would choose to laugh on me now coz they would definitely regret later. When I would be performing on stage and you won’t get your free passes! I am learning bharatnatyam dance. Well, laugh if you want to. But thats the very problem with new gen. They would go for salsa, jazz, etc etc, but not for the most elegant, beautiful and (from experience) most difficult form of dance. Though there is pain and commitment involved, but I am loving every moment of it. Its like doing one of those things which you dream about but you feel you could never do.

Well, now for the second best news, my manager’s gone. Means he’s still very much alive and I do still see him. But he’s not my manager anymore! Yea!! Is it for better or worse, only time would tell, but for now I am happy.

If you are wondering why the title “wild things”? Well you see, I feel a lot is in store for me in the next few days. Like last night I was so freaked out, that as late as 9:10 I went out to hunt for ingrediants required to make jam! Apple jam that too! And I checked every open shop in the closing market to find Apple essence. Which I didn’t get finally and that jam bottle is still empty. I am trying every weird thing possible in kitchen. What more I am capable of doing in these next few days even I am scared to think of. But one thing is for sure, as Barney says, by the end of this period I would have a bag full of wild stories! Hope you do too Rajat! ;-)

PS: Heard the news about a friend getting engaged. If the news is true, I wish her all the happiness possible. And I hope my wishes reach her somehow.  


13 thoughts on “Wild Things

  1. Well other things (Nicely written, congrates, Rajju will come back soon etc) aside…

    Salsa music is a fusion of traditional African and Cuban and other Latin-American rhythms that traveled from the islands and is known world-wide. Also, you need to be lil bit of bold and courageous to opt for traditional dance in Saturday night parties, marriage ceremony, outings, gettogathers…He he


  2. And Yes, Plz Plz I would def need a free pass as I don’t like standing in long queues and then returning back home coz of unavailibility of tickets.


  3. Well, I was really expecting a blog from u but didnt check ur blog space.:( Sitting right infront of my manager whole day i cant think of many “wild things” u know..but there is 24 hrs free “wild” channel at my room..that takes care of all my “wild” imaginations daily. :D The only wild thing i did lately was..i walked 2.5 Kms alone from office to my motel in – 2 temp..was interesting and shivering..

    “But thats the very problem with new gen. They would go for salsa, jazz, etc etc, but not for the most elegant, beautiful and (from experience) most difficult form of dance” …… this is really bad yaar..matlab hum dance seekhein to kuch nahi..tum seekho to elegant and beautiful..yeh to hadd ho gayi…i am sure prithvi and ree wud really kick ur ass if they read this..kapil support me man…

    I just hope this kafka’s Metamorphosis doesnt work on u again in this 1 month..otherwise u’d prefer to live alone ( re – Metamorphosis ) and kick me out of house..please dont do that..nahi to main kafka ko zinda nahi chodunga >:P

    bye and take care…will keep spamming..


  4. @kapil and ashu

    arre yaar.. free passes to zaroor milenge, but hopefully i wont b sitting with u guys in audience… nahi to kat jayega..

    @bastard, kameena, gadha, piggy, $@%$#^%#& roomie
    you – above all gaali- left.. and guess what aaj hi subah aquagaurd mein kuch prob ho gayi… fuck! its a like party here… aur pehle tanki mein pani khatam ho gaya.. yaar yeh sab tabhi kyon hota hai jab maa aati hein aur jab tu asshole yahan nahi hota… you know what, i m neway going to kick you out of my house, you …#%$%#!


  5. ” but there is 24 hrs free “wild” channel at my room”


    “But thats the very problem with new gen. They would go for Y, YY, YYY… Channels, but not for the most knowledgeable, sophisticated, Hilarious.. wild channels like national geopgraphic, History Channel, Discovery”

    Right Anu


  6. behena tera dukh mere se dekha nahi jaa raha….kyun hai yeh duniya itni jalim…yeh sab tere sath hi kyun hota hai..meri to aankhon main paani aa gaya yeh sabh padh kar..main bolta hoon tu bhi idhar aaja..apna halwai shop kholte hain idhar..choclate ki burfi banayenge..ash karenge….main marketing karunga..tu manufacturing main rehna..wat say?


  7. @kapil
    hmm… hmmmmm….. what a reputation i have got! (sundar – i know u wudnt agree with that – susheel (ha?!) – shaant kaniya.. atleast ur comment seems to say to!)

    abe yaar itne dino se ghar mein khana nahi bana… tu dukaan ki baat ker raha hai.. vaise bhi business karna bahut mushkil aur responsible kaam hota hai.. i would suggest we should instead open our travel agencies..

    thankyou! :)

    kya hua? remember bharatnatyam which i used to learn when i was a kiddo and then teach you too ;) and yups i m serious – but now i wouldnt teach you anymore!


  8. I dont think prithvi and ree will kick anyone’s ass! Bharatnatyam is beautiful!

    Prithvi and Ree once told me themselves:
    all dance forms, be it salsa, waltz or kathak are beautiful. if you are atrue dancer, you will not put one dance form down to glorify another! dance is the hidden language of the soul!


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