Goodnite. Sweet Dreams.

The only energy left in me after a 16-17hrs long day is enough to say the above three words. Today I m burning my emergency power to type these few lines. Because, even with all the success and all the happiness and all the love and all the good food and discussions and all the brainstorming sessions… I will still MISS this blog at the end of the day. (Oops.. did it sound v v geeky!!)

But its true. Not that I am complaining about expectations life is demanding right now, maybe coz I am meeting them, yet, I guess I miss capturing these moments. Even the moments full of frustration. Today morning the first thought that came to my mind was to list what all I had to do in the project which I am handling (since I didn’t plan it yesterday) and I smiled to myself and at the same time was worried whether I am a workoholic! The second thought which hit me was that if I put these efforts in a project which is mine from the starting and end, it would definitely create wonders! And believe me for a person with my character, that is a very comforting thought!

I am quite happy right now. The reason and story being quite weird. You see, I am now reporting to my ex-manager’s ex-manager. Which means two level higher than me. I have learnt how to deal with him more or less, though things still get ugly at times, yet overall they are a lot better than they used to be. This guy has a bullying character. He’s quite young n nice at heart overall, but he’s over ambitious, and not at all patient. Thats why people at my level in the team shares a love-hate relationship with him. He’s a divorcee and lives alone. Today is his birthday. So two of my team mates and I went with a cake at 12 to his place and surprised him. And well, this was for once not done out of any kind of pressure or obligation, but only coz it was his birthday and we knew he would be alone (which is the worst thing that can happen to you on your birthday). I am happy coz we made him happy. And he was genuinely happy. For those who are not in corporate culture perhaps can’t understand the value of the word ‘genuine’. You value something when you have less of it.

If you are now thinking that this girl has settled well in the corporate lifestyle and is gonna stay in it forever… I would just say, believe in whatever makes you happy! Jo hona hai woh yahan likha hai (maathe pe ullo!!) :)

So goodnight folks, its long past midnight.. and I have lots to do in the busier weekend!! Have a great weekend..!  

<Background Song> Jeevan Ke Din Chhote Sahi Hum Bhi Bade Dilwale
Kal Ki Humein Fursat Kahan Sochen Jo Hum Matwale


5 thoughts on “Goodnite. Sweet Dreams.

  1. Para 1: Blog Geek
    Para 2: Workaholic Geek
    Para 3: Chhotu type Geek
    Para 4: Even Better Geek
    Para 5: Well Wisher Geek
    Para 6: Musical Geek

    g’nite. sweet dreams. sunshine?


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