Complacency or something like that

My life long quest to understand the motivational factors of a human being is still going on.. And now, I m trying to figure out the reasons for an individual to get into a complacent mode and then getting out of it.

Take an example of a childhood friend, who is (happily/unhappily) married and is expecting a baby soon. She isn’t complacent if we go by strict definition. That is, she is by no means self-satisfied or smug in her present life. But she is not in that phase when you get up and say – enough of what has being going on, now I will either change this situation or die. Ok, not die exactly, but something similar of less deadly imapct. So what is that stage? Is it of given up hopes? I would rather believe it is also a kind of complacent state, where you “make” peace with things around you.

So in general, how does an individual decide upon slipping into the satisfactory mode or out of it? Is that question relevant at all in the first place? Probably its not so much of a conscious decision? Whenever I am talking about psychological factors, I couldn’t help relating the situation to an aborginal land. I like to believe, the feelings, emotions and state of mind of the natives are the only ones of the purest kind. After all, needs and wants are man-made and not inert in nature in the civilised world. So, if I talk about complacency to a barely clad human with bow and arrows, I wonder how he will react to it? Would he laugh on the very idea? On the absurdity of it? Would he say that though you civilised poeple strive and talk and crib about satisfaction in life , when you are “self satisfied and pleased with yourself” or in a complacent mode you justify yourself in terms of your constraints. I know I am leaving the psychological aspect of the question and venturing into the philosophical avenue. So let me get back to the human behavioural aspect again.

The main question in my mind is, how strongly do the external pressures shape our chances of landing up in one mode or another. I would say, very strongly! The Quit India Movement being a simple example. We saw many rich n content coming out of their complacent mode (or am i now misuing this word?) and becoming freedom fighters ready to sacrifice their lives for a cause? Well, there might be many other dynamics working to bring about that revolution, but the core question remains the same. Now, how cane xternal pressures play such an important part in the decision taking process which is so personal?


I know this analysis is a half baked cake as of now. But I still have to leave it in middle due to lack of infrastructure (external factors I have to make my peace with ;) )!

PS: For those who know that my keyboard is not working and I m the sole person responsible for it, I would say, this is still an infrastructure issue! And you have to really look deep in the issue to understand how and why.


3 thoughts on “Complacency or something like that

  1. abhi jaa ke chamka mere ko yeh :P …external discontent versus internal feel good! vaise human mind is innate, so thr’s nothing tht is “so personal”…the external cues charges/discharges the internal motivational factors.

    muhahaha, now this makes me a complete mba :D


  2. abhi jaa ke chamka mere ko yeh :D ki ganda kholna kisko kehte hain..or may be intellectual crap kisko kehte hain. seriously..jab maine “god of small things” padhne ki koshish kari thi when i was a small child or u can say ” barely clad human with bow and arrows ” , i cudnt make ne sense out of it…so i think u r a fuck all writer now and u can start ur book… :) mujhe to yeh bhi na chamka ki piyush ko kya chamka…abe tu GURU hai be.. mere GURU …… ;)


  3. A phuddi without a dissertation or too much vela time on-hand?

    *Phudda/Phuddi: terms of endearment in kanpur for PhD students


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