Caught up in the fever..

Bhai in Korea online at 9 at nite, which means 12:30 am their time? My first guess was, this guy is again drunk and so wanna talk to someone. What is it with guys..? They love to talk after getting drunk…. especially about their ravaging love for someone..! Neways, bhai was drunk, but more than that he was caught up in the cricket fever. India Vs SriLanka. The deciding match.

Now, I had stopped watching cricket since Hans Cronje was found guilty in a betting incidence. After Titan’s Cup in 1999, if I am not wrong, I was madly in love with the South African cricketers. Cronje’s incident just broke my heart. And my respect for the game was lost forever. I did watch a few matches in L7 in college with friends, but that was mostly mob mentality. It is fun to be swept in the mad crowd sometimes.

Yesterday was different. Though effigies are being burnt, banners displayed showing the anger and disappointed of cricket fans, for me last night was memorable. For the sheer reason, that I was once again caught up in the fever. My bro from the States calls me up to ask the score because the poor guy couldn’t follow the match while driving back home from office. His Indian friends were in the Stadium in West Indies! People on my gtalk were all hooked on to the internet sites watching the match. And side by side they were discussing the score/sharing the comments/the excitement on taking a wicket or Sehwag’s sixers-fours on the chat windows. I could imagine all Indians gathered in pubs/bars all over the globe watching the match. Thinking about all that, I couldn’t help feeling that I was missing something.

I am not one of those who feel patriotic while watching a cricket match. For me its just a game. You lose, you win. If a team plays very well, I appreciate it. If Pakistan loses, I don’t feel happy for their loss. Infact I am not so much of a sport enthusiast so as to develop such feelings. But when a bunch of friends, family or strangers gather together in a room and jump over every ball in anticipation for a wicket or a sixer, I do get a strange feeling of belonging to a community. Apart from sports no other event gives you an opportunity to experience such a feeling. Probably for some countries, Independence day holds a similar meaning. I m sure people would agree, its not same for India. We don’t warmly remember our freedom fighters or politicians or policy makers on that day. We are more emotional/passionate about our cricketers. Isn’t that rather weird?

India not reaching top 8 is indeed a big loss. I don’t remember when that has happened before. Indian team needs to do this.. do that.. We could read all that in newspapers or hear plenty on 24X7 news channels. After a game is won, the players are made GODs and once they lose badly, they are condemned about cheating (Pakistanis can’t believe that they can perform so poorly – people are suspected, people are dying over a match). I know its more than a match. Its a business. But this ugly dirty business depends on the nice community feeling it generates! Doesn’t it? So the bottomline is to have something about which a crowd could be passionate and yet rational? Is it in itself a contradiction? Reminds me of Galaxy in IITK. One thing which I never saw or experience, but will always miss.


7 thoughts on “Caught up in the fever..

  1. abe yeh blog ghar wale bhi padhte hain yaar…for those ghar wale ..who now might be thinking i am “proclaimed drunkard”..i must tell u all..that yeh humesha bakwaas karti hai..kal i was “caught up in the fever” coz of which i was forced to drink..otherwise i wudnt have recovered neways.. :)

    well, on a serious note , as far as cricket is concerned..i am australian supporter from now and my GODs have changed…infact i personally think its too boring to have same “old” GODs all the time..they SHUD keep changing.. :D


  2. Hey Anu,

    Nicely written. I can relate in a way that although I am also not a cricket fan but it feel good when I sit with friends/Junta and all of us get so connected while cheering for team India.


  3. Reminds me of that day in IITK, when during the last world cup I watched the India-Pak match in a packed auditorium. That was one of the best day of my college life.

    Waise even in this world cup I dont know what all the fuss is about. It’s not a national crisis. It was just one bad day against Bangladesh…thats all. No point blaming the players. And for an optimist like me, who knows what Bermuda will do in their next match ;-). We still might win the cup.


  4. @rajat
    yaar tu jitna apne aap ko explain karega na utna hi logon ko meri baaton pe vishwaas hoga :P u know, chor ki daadi mein tinka ;)

    thanks.. :)

    anonymous comment??
    yeah, that match was really awesome, aur audi mein dekhne ka mazza hi kuch aur tha yaar..


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