South India Darshan

Abbey Falls in Coorg

Now that I would leave South India in a couple of days I thought I should write something about my trips around Bangalore. In these last 8 months, I travelled alone, with friends, family and work people quite a lot. Due to time constraints, most of my travel was within 400kms of the city limits so my south india darshan was only of Karnataka n bordering regions of TN n Kerela. I would write the travelogues in details later, let me first just briefly mention about all the trips so far.

My first trip was a bike ride to Nandi Hills, which is 60kms from Bangalore, further down Yelahanka. Probably, another visit to the same place would be my last trip around Bangalore while my stay here.

bikeThe second trip was a trek to a hill top Rangaswami Betta which is a little off the Kanakpura Road. Though the trek was interesting, the best part of the trek was watching the sunset beside a lake. There are many small water bodies and lotus floating in them on the either side of the road in this route. The countryside has its own beauty which is quite different from north.

Hoggenakal FallsAfter an experience in the hills, we wanted to go and splash in water. So it was Hoggenakal which we hit next. The punch line which attracted us to this place was: This is where the song ‘Chhoti si Asha’ in the movie Roja was shot!! It sure was a memorable experience.

Next destination wasn’t really decided by any of us. :) It was a decision taken by the KSRTC. At Majestic, the biggest bus stop I have seen so far, we boarded the one bus in which seats were available. And in the morning when I opened my eyes, I wasn’t disappointed. We had reached Madekari, in the district of Coorg.entering coorg

Bandipur, Mudumalai National Parks on the Ooty Road and Pondicherry were the next two destinations. In January I went to the Jungle Lodges on the River Bhadra with family. The last trip made to Wayanad in February was my second trip all alone. Would write in details in the following posts.


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