Adios.. is it?

Hot chocolate from Georgia Gold on my table, John Denver singing the same old Annie’s song, and the entire office missing from my floor attending monthly meeting at the floor below. I m browsing the excels, powerpoints in all the folders in my hard drive, zipping the work I did in these eight months and organising the folders at the second last day in my first office! Feeling nostalgic, am I? Naah! Says a voice from inside. Reading the same numbers again on excel sheets does remind me of a few things.

The urgency to finish off the work before the updates, the crisis situation when numbers looked weird, first time when I forgot to check my results at step 1 and literally fear froze to death. The nightmare in which I thought I had made a mistake in the code, woke up all sweaty and anxious only to find in the morning that the code was correct. Sounds as if I have been living like a convict since past few months!! That’s not true. The first time a new joinee draws appreciation is also a moment of immense satisfaction. The good and bad times have both been in plenty.

Overall, it was a good experience and I am glad I was forced to took this job. Thanks to my folks for that. I understood a few things which I came looking for here, most of all, how people crib and work entire day! :) The benefits of high paying secure job. Secure – coz you work your ass off! Also, I enjoyed working real hard sometimes, it does give a satisfying feeling. Even if at the end of the day, you are probably only increasing debt in the already debt-driven economy. This micro picture is what gets you through the day, and macro aspect comes up only once in a month! And last but not the least, I did make some good friends. I met lot of different types of people, especially non-IITians, hence the variety! :P  

So junta, you won’t hear me cribbing about managers, officers, cribber-friends anymore! I would find totally new creative topics to crib about! :)


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