Back in School

<Questioning Mode in a Student is switched on in a good education system>

 Man!! What the fk?!

What was I thinking?

Why did I get myself into something like this again..??

And this time, I did it completely on my own will…!

 Ok, guys don’t fill my comments box with gyan or sympathies… just my ever lasting love for dramatising things… but ya…

Why God, why..?!! Why are you doing this to me… ?

Yeh aawaz ander se nikal rahi hai….

PS: New crib mode starts..


6 thoughts on “Back in School

  1. @bro n Kapil

    I have been meaning to write a couple of posts, especially one on my visit to an interesting place called Barefoot College and one on the most favourite weekend activity of people with a little extra money which is what I call car-shopping/test drives/etc etc.. But abhi en logon ne pain marr ke rakha hai.. there are like 50 pages to be read everyday! though i read around 7-8 of them :P i m psych-ing ppl by my coolness here… hehehe… so request to the junta to wait for some real quality posts.. and meanwhile keep mailing.. :)


  2. @nitesh

    yaar kyon gade-murdon ko jaga raha hai… iit mein i was a psyched up person myself… prolly one of the most psyched up ones…. how could i have ever psyched anyone..?!


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