Yeh DiL Maange More… Fast.. Efficiency…etc etc..

Since everything is fast paced in my life these days, which is also characteristic of any new beginning in life, or any change from routine life, my posts are getting smaller and smaller. A lot is expected and demanded from oneself, “more” “fast” “efficiency” “effectiveness” are the keywords of everyone belonging to this period in human history. Including those whose profession is to critisize big heavy technology which could never be reached to the masses, hence logically, is not much of use.

Anyways, I am not here to start a debate, ‘coz like everybody I don’t have much time, boleto not much time to waste on blogging, I do have enough time before I die. So I will just jot down two random thoughts which were always in my mind, but I only articulated them today, when there was an hour long power failure! Thankgod for inefficiency sometimes! (And only sometimes!)

<Point number one.> The importance and dominance of multiplexes in a big city. Where travelling could be a hassel. Where there might not be any natural bodies where one can involve oneself (say like climbing a hill, walking in foot deep ocean water for examples). If a bunch of young people want to meet and spend time together what options do they have apart from watching movies or dining out? A movie typically costs a couple (say a girl n a boy to be traditional ;) who really want to meet) 800/- minimum: 300/- in travel, 300/- in tickets, 200/- food/drinks. For a movie which may/maynot be entertaining. Yet, a movie might be the only safe and available option. Does that ring any bell to the budding entrepreneurs of this country?

<Point number two.>  Now that my bank account is no longer a money mint, I have started valuing money more. Today when my autowallah took a wrong route, which was partially because I didn’t give him the complete address of my destination in the beginning, he was quite visibly perturbed. The reason couldn’t be that his time was getting wasted, since the meter was running and he was earning. The sole reason was that the route was wrong and I could blame him for cheating because I would have to pay more. I accepted my mistake to him graciously which put him to some ease. But I realised a very important thing. Had I not earned enough at some point in life and realised how worrying about 15-20 bucks as an extra expense in auto is contradictory to my lifestyle in general (which involves huge phone costs), I would have myself felt bad and perhaps have felt cheated on being taken to the wrong route! I had such worries almost all the time in Bangalore, while I never care about this in Bombay. I guess another issue here is how autowallahs in Bombay rarely ever cheat! Fickling hearts and the issues of trust/mistrust!

Chalo, that is all I wanted to jot down before dozing off… Also, juntax, do watch cheeni kum, it won’t be such a waste of money ;)


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