Climb Every Mountain


Above is the snap of the glacier, whose name I have forgotten, but which could be seen a little bit in Kullu (in H.P.), a little more in Naggar which is higher than Kullu and in its full glory from Manali. Though this picture was taken on my way to Naggar from Kullu, it looked more or less similar from my balcony in naggar, where I was for a few days. It looked heavenly everyday. Unlike beauty of monuments, architectural structures, clothes, and all such stuff, the beauty of mountains never fades even a bit. I can’t appreciate Taj Mahal anymore, now that I have visited it n no. of times, but every evening I can gaze dumbfound at the ranges and river and just love the scene!


Rafting in Ganga is real fun and it is the safest river to dive in. Nevertheless its is the Beas which gets maximum points on grace and beauty. The scenery on both the sides of the valley is definitely the best I have seen so far in Himalayas. The combination is superb. This snap doesn’t do any justice to the beauty. I took it while the jeep was racing through the roads. river

Two views from my room window:

snap1 naggar


snap 2 naggar

One of my favorite songs from mountains:

Climb every mountain, search high and low
Follow every by way, every path you know

Climb every mountain, ford every stream
Follow every rainbow, till you find your dream

A dream that will need, all the love you can give
Everyday of your life, for as long as you live

Follow every rainbow, till you find your… dream…

(from the motion picture The Sound of Music)



10 thoughts on “Climb Every Mountain

  1. @Bro
    I wasnt’ doing ss there at all! I was in moratorium.
    For further info:
    “Some adolescents deal with the pressures of for life-style decisions by entering a state that Erikson called a moratorium. This is a suspension of decisions concerning long-term commitments. A moratorium may be used effectively to gain new experiences or encounter adventures. This can lead to more sound decisions when the moratorium ends. It used to be expected that upper-class European adolescents would enter a state of moratorium after completing their secondary education. This commonly took the form of “doing the tour” of the Continent. Various aspects of life were experienced which had previously not been encountered and which would likely not be a part of their future lives.”
    (found this on googling)
    PS: My moratorium is coming later in life due to cultural differences!

    Thanks a lot! Also thanks for linking my blog to blogbharti, that gives a lot of motivation to write better! :)

    thanks rahega re.. also i hope u realise the pics would be 1000 times better when i(we?) come back from valley of flowers :P


  2. Boss, sahi hai.. u make quite gud use of time when i am not around..:D neways am back..awesome blogs hain dono..more comments ‘in person’..:)


  3. You are going to Valley of Flowers! I envy you. This is one destination that clashes with my semester so badly that I can never really plan of going there, though I love flowers.


  4. @Mridula
    Yes, we are going to the Valley of Flowers in July. It has been years since I am wanting to go there, I am glad we are finally going! Can’t you take just a week hol in b/w sem? I remember profs doing that in IITK!


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