Sometimes when..

my mom gives me answers from her experiences to some of the most perplexing questions: I feel courageousness again

my dad tries to end an argument by agreeing with everyone and asking everyone to agree with each other: I realize the need for peace n quiet (and that all humans have some reason ‘coz of which they behave the way they do)

my bro enters home energetically and cheerfully at 11 in the nite after a 14hrs day: I understand the joy of coming back to your loved ones

my nephew cries helplessly, loudly, with tears streaming down his reddened face, immovable in his position, after being shouted at/scolded: I feel terribly horribly as an adult

I see the people around me all prisoned in iron masks: I feel saddened

I lose my temper and my patience: I feel guilty

it rains: I feel at peace

someone special is close to me: I am happiest

I think too much: I am lost

I start to reason: I become selfishly unreasonable

I read something fascinating: I become a curious child again (I wanna know more)

people travel to places I have never been to: I become jealous

girls walk past me wearing low jeans n skin tight tops: I feel fat n old

a new bookstore opens in the neighbourhood with a gooda collection and reading/discussion events: I feel I am losing time

I give funde to people and talk like an adult: I realize some things are inevitable

I get something I wanted crazily: I understand the meaning of the phrase – nothing lasts forever

I blog: I am a little lost, a little sad, a little lonely.


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