E for Entrepreneur

The yo-thing for the youth of twenty-first century. Everybody wants to manage his own enterprise n work for himself. Working for someone else, under a boss is now being considered as an inferior-low-grade thing to do. Hence, those who are able to take the big risks in life and break out of the working for a fortune-500 co. dream and start from the scratch to build something of his own is considered to be a hero of 2000s. No wonder Guru was a big hit among budding entrepreneurs. What I personally find funny about this image-building process is how it overlooks one basic small detail:

Entrepreneursism is a basic instinct of human beings.

For instance, the other day my mom was complaining about a common household problem, which she has been facing ever since I can remember. It is a simple(?) problem of attrition – of maid servants. Being a rather big family (in comparison to other nuclear families) a lot depends on the maid who comes to do all the cleaning, dusting, and other chores, without whom the whole machinery falls apart unless an advance notice of absence has been given. What has been happening from so many years is that, when a new maid comes, she is trained for about a month, after which little supervision or instructions are required. This new maid could be a lazy person (usually a localite) – who requires more time and effort to be trained from the trainers end, or a hard-working migrant – who usually doesn’t know the local language! Either way, the first month of training is usually tough for everyone. Once done with it, life runs more or less smoothly… for sometime. And then, attrition begins. The new maid who is also working at other places (hence has other contacts), who is now more efficient and once-in-a-while helps at other chores like chopping vegs (hence has a wide resume), wants to move up in life. It comes very naturally to her that she should now look for jobs like cooking or nursing a baby or become a full time servant at one place with entire charge of the household. And so she leaves the place where she was trained for the first time! Only my mom is left to find a new one, and start the entire cycle again.

After hearing my mom complain, I couldn’t help wondering, why people are so afraid of taking risks, or why working for one’s own company is such a bigadeal! Most of the world runs on the model of individual small business venture. Yet we first need IIT-IIMs degrees (minimum requirements) to even start a simple business model.


8 thoughts on “E for Entrepreneur

  1. gud yaar! ur portfolio of posts is really getting diversed :-) !! But a little correction! Most of the new ventures are not started by IITians (case is far more worse for IIMites!), so minimum requirement waali baat kuch hajam nahi hoti! Or may be you are just talking abt the mentality not ability of risk taking!


  2. Sahi hai be!

    Life mein baut lukkhi hai tu! Woh vacations planning bhi khatam ho gaya kya?

    Aur woh Chandni Bar waala pic mast hai! Ekdum pasand aa gaya apan ko!

    Talking of pics, I need a camera-bag, decent one, for my cam. Tu life mein infi lukkhi hai, to uska bhi jugaad kar le. Else I might not be able to bring my cam along, aur fir Lota pain maarega.


  3. seems unrelated. what maids are doing are on the job training and job-hopping (to a next skill level). i would not imagine these maids leaving a well paid job without having another offer in hand.
    entrepreneurship is diff from job hopping. It like conducting a symphony when company job is like playing a trumpet. No wonder that young and bold and going for it.


  4. @nitesh
    what i meant was that i know a couple of people who wanted to get degrees first before venturing something of their own – because of varied reasons perhaps but one could be insecurity as well… or maybe while getting their degrees they also got initiated into the world of entrepreneurs..

    lukkhi to kafi hun, but tujhse jyada nahi hun.. what i wud suggest is, instead of wasting time on your usual timepass (u know what i m talking abt ;)) u might as well search for a bag which wud be most suitable for u :P

    the example which i gave might seem a little unrelated, but i also remember case of ‘bindeswari’ in lucknow who graduated to a rickshaw puller starting from being a household help.. the basic idea is many people we see on streets are running their own enterprises – some successfully, some not-so-successfully..


  5. abbe yeh kya fart hai…

    mereko hindi-english mein response, aur in dono ko angreji mein!!!

    yeh kahan ka nyay hai?

    Sab ki bhaasha ek hai!

    Vasudhaiva kutumbakam.


  6. @ghati: mere camere ko apne sapnon main bhi mat dekhna boss..soch le..dont care if u come with/with out camera bag.

    @all: yeh paisa , yeh daulat , yeh “Entrepreneurship” sab moh maya hai ..aaj hai , kal nahi…himalaya chalo :D


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