The Birthday Cake

This post is dedicated to my 4 year old nephew – the little devil (not the first one in the family :P). Below are a few pics taken by Rajat Chachu on Arnav’s 4th birthday which was celebrated grandly. The best moments are captured below:

He was the first one to reach the cake table…

finally the big moment is here – now I will cut my snakes n ladder cake..


The first one to taste the most tempting cake ever..

Let me just taste these cherries to begin with – no one would notice one missing :P 


When the elders were calling other oldies to gather around the table, the poor kids were waiting..

Why these oldies are always late for important things.. can i pls cut the cake now..? 


Every eye on the cake while it is being cut into small pieces for distribution.

I wish I get chosen before others n get a slice quickly..  


Finally! I have my piece! Please just give it to me and let me eat it in peace.. You get one for yourself! 


 I would savor each n every bit of it! 



5 thoughts on “The Birthday Cake

  1. Lote, crack scene boss!!

    I can’t believe *you* took these shots!

    That first pic is too good. Big Time!

    Baap, tu agla Gautam Adhikari ban rela hai…

    Sahi hai bidu!



  2. @ghati
    abe yaar flickr pe response karne ke liye one has to sign in :( so cudnt reply there… but thanks for uploading re… captions ke saath mast lag rahi hein snaps.. :)

    kya be… style mat marr mere blog pe.. terko ban ker dungi :P



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