Thinking Beings

The education system in India is so screwed up that the “cream” of the brightest students (as they are so called) of the country who went to the “best” colleges, who have the skills to land up in any field or develop any skills they want to, who have the resources required for same, are aimless in their lives. They don’t know what they want to do with their lives, nor make an effort to find out, nor even know how to find out! They have always been doing (and excelling as per the standards set) what has been told to them, when not being dictated they have chosen to simply follow others, hence it would be even wrong to expect from them to suddenly know what to do with their lives. Even the interests pursued as “timepass hobbies” reflect the same phenomenon. Worst still is the fact that many among them are burnt out by their mid-twenties as a result of the rigorous exercise they had went through ever since their early adolescence to become “brightest” of the lot. And then day-in-day-out I try to figure out, and with me many other people, how to come up with a model of school, such pedagogy, such curriculum, so that we have a country of “thinking” beings?! Who can atleast think for themselves! It seems such a super-colossal task at times then I can’t help getting into the trap of cynicism now and then! Ofcourse, whenever I need to recover from the fall, I go back to the new edition of NCERT books out in 2007, and a smile automatically spreads on my face! :)


4 thoughts on “Thinking Beings

  1. @madhur
    as nitesh has already given the smart answer, i would just add that, for the first time, the textbooks especially of the primay classes, civics 9-10th standard have been a great success in every aspect of quality improvement: starting with pics/cartoons/stories to better content which has been researched as per the pedagogical recommendations. Not that these are the “perfect” books, but yes, in the otherwise gloomy state of ed affairs this is indeed a great achievement. Somewhat like metro is in Delhi!

    you see how you and bro have quite similarly designed comments, the MBAs would just say some big words and unreliable numbers :P
    (i know this for sure now, after finishing, mediocre but arrogant – MBA!)

    how does it depend on how we define “aim”? And lot has changed in 15 years, leave aside the generation gap! The kind of resources which our generation has was unthinkable few years back!
    Yaar main Mom ke haath terko kuch Textbooks bhijwa dungi.. i don’t think NCERT ki site pe poori book hogi, but would try to find out more..


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