Have been really irregular in updating the blog. In the middle of last month, I was finishing the contact period in TISS, Mumbai. Had a little taste of student life again after 1.5 years – sitting up till late in the night and singing songs! Then I attended a marriage of a close friend and again sworn to myself – after 2 years – that this would be the last marriage I ever attend! Watched a couple of movies, read a few books, talked to a few friends about politics of their relations but none of the experiences were as indenting as the simple exercise of driving! Today I had a fitful dream in which I was driving and started to curse Delhi road sense while driving, had an accident and became a ghost!

One reason why I became ghost could be that I saw Bhool Bhulaiya twice within 12 hours. I was quite impressed by the movie considering the contemporary dull scene of bollywood. It is a well made film, there are almost no technical errors which are always in abundance in hindi movies otherwise. I saw it second time to watch those scenes which I missed the first time while hiding under the blanket.

Coming back to my dream, it was probably triggered because I have been driving quite a lot since I returned from Mumbai. Considering I am a new driver, I have been going to Delhi and back in the rush hours a lot often and going around in Delhi too. This is the best time to explore Delhi when the aftys are pleasant and sunny. Driving in Gurgaon is generally exciting because the road width to number of cars ratio is almost twice or thrice to that in Delhi and probably it would be 4-5 times to that in Mumbai. Hence 50-60 kmph is easy to maintain most of the time. However in the past two weeks when I got a taste of Delhi traffic jams, I realized how emotionally tiring driving can become. It is the one area, which I can surely say, doesn’t benefit with a competitive attitude. Also, one can see how cooperation is very difficult to achieve.

As a friend remarked, on road you curse and curse and curse. If the car ahead of you is slower than you, you call them lazybones! If the car behind you tries to overtake you, you curse them either for not maintaining the speed limit or for overtaking from the wrong side. Honestly, I don’t even know if there is really any wrong side for overtaking! When people change lanes even while being stuck in a traffic jam! What use would it be to get a car length ahead when you are at a speed of 10 kmph anyways! I know when I am in a rush to reach for a dinner or something I do speed up and sometimes change lanes. But recently I realized even if I want to drive decently, maintaining a speed under the limit and just relaxing basically, I would either be hit from behind or my head would be blown off by all the horns from every direction possible! So when I barely avoid an accident with an Innova cab, which are infamous for rash driving, I swear, I sit straight, and press down the accelerator and just say – screw all!

My daily prayer in night cap is: God give me enough strength to leave behind glamorous exciting adventurous life of metros to settle for a little slower and accepting city which has just as good FM as a metro, also help me find such a place!


2 thoughts on “Updates

  1. Watch “Dil Dosti etc.” , if you have not aleady seen that. i know you will definitely like it. Also “Khoya khoya chand” and “Manorama Six Feet Under” are couple of other movies that I liked recently…


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