Christmas Gift!

My laptop is working, and working well. I know its a two year old model, with only 256MB ram, but hey, I got it pretty cheap! Just had to set up a desktop and prolly would have to buy a 19” LCD monitor. But what I got in return – a laptop of my own, which means I have my new best friend available 24X7! Which will store all that I would want to keep in it, all my old data once again just a click away, my songs, my pics, my old term papers, everything within my reach. Whats more, I can get cosy inside a blanket and type day and night! Hehehe… I know some people take all this for granted, but it is still a week before I start taking it for granted! Till then, I would enjoy the new toy! Found this ppt I have always loved today in my ol’ data, hope you like it: Zoom in you life


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