Never Understand!

Often I end up on blogs by (Yahoo-ians) technology-savvy people or find gtalk status such as: linux rocks, microsoft sucks, ms office is this n that… Basically they all come from those who are comfortable in linux and work extensively on that. Whereas lesser mortals, like me, find ms office nothing less than a miraculous tool. Within minutes I can prepare a superb eye-catching crisp and precise powerpoint presentation. Or a word doc. Something which I tried doing once in linux and had a throbbing headache before giving up. Linux might be free and it might be virus-free, but it is definitely not good to use.

So whenever I hear “ms office sucks” it re-establishes the fact that I am lil’ dumb to appreciate and agree with that.


5 thoughts on “Never Understand!

  1. heheheh…. no need to bother dear, linux and windows are two very different kind of Operating Systems & address very different users. windows is very user friendly no doubt, linux is very OS friendly :D (a very modular and flexible OS, something you cant think in terms of windows)
    and all these comparisons are like some one saying “silly mango doesn’t taste like orange”, these two are very different flavors and have no common grounds to compare.


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