Initial Rush

I remember my first few months in Bangalore. Especially the first one when I was living in the guest house. Or living out of a suitcase. I used to make long long calls in the evening to friends. Meet bro and house hunt or go out on bike rides with office aquaintances on weekends.

Its usually the same in the starting, wherever you go whatever you do. There is a lot to do, lot to get used to, make efforts to find little things you need in daily life, put in your maximum energy in the work you do, build up a repo with your work-mates, find out who all can be more than just work-mates, and so on. When I was in Bangalore I didn’t miss being anywhere. I was more than happy to have left IIT and I couldn’t have imagined living at home. It is more or less same even now. But sooner or later, the exercise of uprooting oneself and building a new home starts taking its toll. Of course, the initial rush helps one sink in.

I went around Udaipur today with a colleague, who like so many of my friends (belonging to opposite sex) is desperately looking for people of opposite sex. I know only one reason of desperation in case of my friends, not sure about the colleague yet. Living in a non-metro after a gap, first Bangalore then gurgaon, I felt the same restlessness I used to encounter in Kanpur. An outing with a guy becomes an issue. In the workplace, in the eyes of the strangers on the road, and everyone else around! And I thought, it was that age and time and place (in late twenties – when I cursed IIT Kanpur guys for nurturing that outlook). For once in my life, I am proud to be a metro girl. I guess freedom and tradition are two terms which are inseperable in a conservative society.

The most exciting part of the day is when I am looking at handbooks, textbooks, materials for activities in class and on intricacies of subject teaching. The creativity at its height! (That too in a very simplistic manner) I just hope that it lasts.

BTW, for many who don’t know what I do other than teaching in school, I am doing the same work which I did in Citibank. Data Analysis. Only I have fewer tools, we don’t have SAS here, and huge amount of data – all of it revelant, for a change! :P Of course working in a non-corporate culture is much more difficult if you are and have always been result-oriented. But I guess its a part of the challenge how to change the culture of your organisation for the good! Being a capitalist by heart,as some call me so, I embrace efficiency wholly.   


6 thoughts on “Initial Rush

  1. After quite some time, something in “Muse” :-) !! Gud hai, but i guess u were in IITK in your late teens rather than late twenties :D !! pardon me for focusing on a silly mistake in an otherwise well written piece :-) !!


  2. nitesh! nitesh!! where is the basic courtesy? ladki se umar ke baare mein kyon poochhna? she is still a chhoti si, pyari si, nanhi si Munmun


  3. arre nitesh..bada pyaara ladka ho gaya hai tu kya baat hai..pardon me and all.. :P and i am still wondering who is this desperate colleague of yours ? Never heard of this person before..


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