I am not going!

So basically in order to keep up with the latest fashion of getting sick every month resulting in frequent visits to toilets and chemist shops, I feel sick again just a week before the YHAI saurkundi pass trek. It came as an after effect of attending a wedding, which I was doing after a period long enough to make me feel guilty for missing family events, and of eating in Mainland China. I have developed a stronger distaste for weddings, if it is possible, and a little bit for Chinese food. Anyways, so as to avoid taking anti-biotics, which are in my usual medicine list now, I rested at home and didn’t go to office. As a result, I can’t take the two weeks leave for the trek. :( The worse part is that other people in the group are going. And the worst part is yet to come, when 3 weeks later I would get a mail with a link of uploaded photos from the trek, which initially I would simply ignore till the memories from the past conquers the envy n jealousy and I would just want to look at the awesome views from the Himalayas.

Just like fastest way of getting over one relationship is to get into another, to get over this tragedy I have started making plans for June. I just wish to be able to do my Field Attachment in SECMOL, an organisation in Ladakh which was once very activiely involved in educational reforms there: it is working on creating literature in Ladakhi (scripted in the Bodig script) and hopes to have Ladakhi medium in the primary classes one day with English as a language and then shift to English medium in later classes. Though in recent times, it has been involved in some controversies, but lets see if I can get some kind of research work there. It would be so much better to leave hot desert to go into a cooler one, especially in summers. Otherwise I hope to be able to go to APFs Policy Planning Unit in Bangalore where it would be raining and jungles filled with leeches. So I would be able to go to Kabini, Jog Falls and other places I missed last time and have a blood bath there! :D

Ah! Day dreaming! Anything to keep me from wishing evil for the Saurkundi pass trekkers..! ….

I sometimes fool myself by thinking that I could be a serious academician. I know I can never be one. I even choose my field work on the basis on weekend opportunities around the area!


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