Every day at lunch I finish food asap and google “roopkund”. With no field attachment plans finalising I am dreaming about Roopkund more and more everyday. For those weho are completely unaware of what I am talking about, must click:

The Roopkund Adventure

A wonderful travelogue and travel diary.

I want to go there in June, but that would mean I miss my field attachment and don’t take the degree. Which is not so bad, only that would hamper my future travel plans outside the country. I realize, education is the most important for travel. Such are the ways of the world!


3 thoughts on “Obssessed

  1. I am in the same fix, after five years of trekking every summer I can’t go this time because of work commitments. But I will wait for an year or take a short break during the semester.

    What about you? Can’t you take a short break somewhere and do your field attachment too? Think through this, because things settle down in the end and whatever we miss work wise, by not putting in our best, that time or opportunity usually doesn’t come back. Rupkund is going to be there for you for ages. What do you say?


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