How do you respond when your close friends/family tell you that you have changed? Well.. one is to simply deny – the response which I have come across most often. Another one is to sound apologetic – I am sorry that I have changed. Because change also means the relationship between us would get directly affected. These responses come generally when change occurs unconsciously.

What do you do when you are aware that everything around you has changed – hence your not changing would be simply abnormal. When I left school and went to college, my school friends found me changed. In college, when I switched friends and confiders, the old ones felt I had changed. I went to work and made an entire new set of friends. Again a new bunch of people in life. Changed from a student to a highly earning single girl (lower taxes, remember?) Got bored of it quickly. Quit. Moved on. Changed! Couldn’t go to pubs as often! Couldn’t waste money as frequently. Two years down the lane, into a new profession, I changed all over again! Don’t talk to me about mobiles – lets talk about reservation as an affirmative action. How entrepreneurs in education field are doing more harm than good – to the world of course. Changed and changing… Prioritise fiance over everyone else. I can’t go to the US to visit my family, coz I don’t want to stay away from him for a month. :)

Change is inevitable, folks! And to be honest, I love it! Always looking out for more of it..



12 thoughts on “Change

  1. Ek patented khyaal: Change in us is like the one that we tender at a shop – precious at times when it is difficult to find, but most of what we are is still like the hard cash, sitting with us not making a move because we spent stuff to have it. Taxi mein baithe to 100 ka change chahiye, Ganne ka juice peena hai to 10 ka change – time time ki baat hai pyaare na tu badla na mein badla:)

    Ek borrowed khyaal: Everything but change changes.


  2. @sudoo
    hmm.. interesting khyaal.. vaise i agree about “time time ki baat..”

    life in rest of the world but dubai! :P (whr thr r no taxes)


  3. Whats also important to know is if India has a double taxation avoidance treaty with Dubai? If not, no matter how much you save there, being an Indian citizen you will have to pay the taxes here. So it is also important to be born in a tax free haven:)


  4. abe did u read “metomorphosis” recently ? :D .sudoo sahi bolta hai sab time time ki baat hai pyare..change will also change after sometime :)


  5. @suds
    if we dont send money back to india, and like settle in dubai, then would we still have to pay taxes thr?

    no re.. ek baar padhna hi kafi tha.. its v deeeeeeeepressing..

    yeah.. i guess change can be best seen in kids.. :) i wud tell u some interesting things i have been reading in child development course when u come back..


  6. Anu, I liked the reply of your dad. Hope you are doing great ! Did you watch Aamir, I heard that it is a very good movie.


  7. @kapil

    seeing u after a long time.. hows mba going on? i am nt watching movies on big screen these days.. all my time goes in working/studying/traveling! good to hear from you..


  8. Anu,

    MBA is fun, travelling places, meeting people. Some good moments, some bad moments but overall good experience. I was in India in May and will again visit in decemeber to attend few marriages including suds’s, hope to receive a greeting card from you soon :).

    I am currently doin my internship and somehow whenever I am in corporate world I find time to poke around and write scraps. You can understand how much I love corporate world and my work.


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