Yeh duniya weird hai

Last two news pieces I read:

Attempt to make Delhi begger free by Commonwealth games 2010. Now, I come from a reputed institute of social sciences, where we talk about social justice, democracy and other such obscure terms. As a result, the first interpretation which comes to my mind comes after reading such a news is: Do we need to make Delhi begger free by CW games in 2010 because we can’t exhibit our poverty (?) to foreigners? Or coz we want to save our foreigner guests from indulging into alms giving practice. Our first motive is not to help beggers settle in their rehabilitation homes (haven’t seen any of those in good shape) or to help them in generating income for themselves, it is to make Delhi begger free! I was happy to read that atleast in some cases this would lead to a better life for beggers, whatever the motive behind the move may be. Would try to visit one of those rehabilitation centres when in Delhi to get the “real picture”. I somehow get a feel that this might turn out to be a worse move for street children. Lets see.

Super Rich believe in God in a totally weird manner. Would get more such weird news at Nitesh’s blog here.


4 thoughts on “Yeh duniya weird hai

  1. thanks to sociology! i have to read news now, i have to shift to economics! one can understand psychology without sociology, and sociology without economics!! kitni fight hai…


  2. 1. Duniya hi nahin, tu bhi weird hai.
    2. Quote ‘Super rich believe in God——- In us every coin (change) in inscribed ” In God we trust”
    Liked your blogs after a long time for a chage
    BTW, Obama’s slogan is also change
    we should do every thing to change the lives of poor


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