Saawan ka mahina..

..can’t be enjoyed without the recent most romantic song. And Jaane Tu ya jaane Na brings us just the song. Have been listening to it from past one hour continuously. It fits appropriately with my current mood:

For those who haven’t watched the movie yet, do so. Loved it. Best movie after TZP. Aamir Khan rocks! And Imran is my greatest love so far in life! (I am not yet 25, can still have infatuations!) :)

8 thoughts on “Saawan ka mahina..

  1. I am yet to watch the movie. Is weekend dekhne wala hun. What has Aamir Khan to do with the quality of the movie? He is just a producer, isn’t it?


  2. tum dono buddhe ho hi gaye ho.. actually the song can’t be appreciated when it “stands alone”. One needs to have the right mausam… today is hariyali amavasya here… festival celebrated in the middle of saawan .. and the weather is just too sexy..
    .. also sometimes in life (gyaan ahead) its fun to do filmy stuff… like getting out of running train.. surprising your partner by showing up in the same flight with a seat next to hers.. etc etc..
    but i guess most iitian guys are devoid of this romantic side.. sorry hai..


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