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All the people I am friends with – unfortunately all of them come from middle class, tell me how reservation is such a bad thing. Reservation – affirmative action policy of India, is caste-based. Its party politics. Its injustice. Fortunately, I know people from other classes now. I have a friend teaching, in campus of IIT Kanpur, kids from the village inside the campus boundary and those belonging to worker class (construction and mess workers). He coaches them for JEE. Charges minimal. To draw his expenses. This is his way of contribution coz he loves to teach and he wants to see these kids rise. And the only hope he has is from the reservations. These kids don’t get any support from family – financial or otherwise. They work at home (household chores are plenty when both your parents and elder siblings are laborers) and they have to attend school to write the exam. Is it fair to think that these kids stand an equal chance to compete in meritocracy with the super rich kids from say DPS R K Puram? These kids can’t afford to buy any extra books, these books are gathered from first year students and institute library. They even have to care about how much they are spending on stationary forget books etc.

You go travel the world; yet you see nothing.

You are blinded about the fact that you are blinded because your other senses take over you. You live in an illusion and believe it to be true. And believe it to be true with such a fervor that you throw aside any other sight. You call that another sight an illusion. You hope you would never see it again. And you never do. Because you are busy growing other senses.

I have friends and family members who are freaked out about reservations. They have to think about their careers, their futures. I am concerned about them, but not a bit more than I am about the Nankari kids. Nothing is fair. Lets accept it. Its all about the power. And power never stays still.


2 thoughts on “Hope

  1. I sort of agree with you. It is the so called “upper class” which is reserving itself by making sure the balance is always on their side and hence objecting to reservations. Some of them do not wish to see eye-in-eye to the less advantaged. I think they have a fear that years of earned power will loose gradually. Yes, the reservation debate has N points to argue but most of us who go anti it, do not even know the facts – some are ignorant and some are like that only, will never change.

    I believe “things fell in place” for some of us and hence we are where we are. Obviously the competition is skewed in our favor.

    BTW, have you read “Everybody loves a good drought”, a wonderful book by P. Sainath?


  2. Reservation, it has got its own pros and cons…the main fault in the argument stating reservation should not be caste based is: To the date, caste is still the best indicator of judging need for reservation. Income based reservation would be too crappy and difficult a criterion as very few ppl are covered through the tax net (hardly any of those who really need it) and those who are, grossly mis-state it.

    But the catch is, given the poor state of primary and secondary education…don’t know how useful the reservation in higher education can be.


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