At 25!

Birthdays are good. I realised this year only. I talked to my friends with whom I talk only twice a year (on their and my birthdays). I got to know that a school friend is pregnant, and its the best news one can hear on birthday. :) Its refreshing to hear so many voices after so long.
Yeah, birthdays are definitely good. :) Also when you have a five year old around you who has a hiding place under the dining table and who can plan crazy battlefield ideas and would not let you talk to anyone because you are Ms Katty, the commander-in-chief and he is Mr Jones, admiral of the armed forces! I am definitely getting old. I like spending time with the junior gang in the make-believe world more than with my own age group in bars/pubs. Guess, its time to follow ol’n’wise Vedic customs and start my Grasthashram :P (ignoring the fact that those dharma(s) were only for the male society, female was at every stage only subjugated then!) Another reason to be happy, that I was born in the modren times. 

I don’t know when this started happening in life… 

Kas Ke Joota Kas Ke Belt
Khons Ke Andar Apni Shirt
Manzil Ko Chali Sawaari
Kandho Pe Zimmedari
Haath Mein File Man Mein Dum
Meelon Meel Chalenge Hum
Har Muskil Se Takrayenge
Tas Se Mus Na Honge Hum
Duniya Ka Naara Jame Raho
Manzil Ka Ishaara Jame Raho
Duniya Ka Naara Jame Raho
Manzil Ka Ishaara Jame Raho
Ye Sote Bhee Hain Attention
Aage Rehne Ki Hai Tension
Mehnat Inko Pyari Hai
Ekdum Aagyakari Hain
Ye Omlet Par Hi Jeete Hain
Ye Tonic Saare Peete Hain
Waqt Pe Sote Waqt Pe Khate
Taan Ke Seena Badhte Jate
Duniya Ka Naara Jame Raho...

and when this stopped…

Yahaan Alag Andaz Hai
Jaise Chidta Koi Saaz Hai
Har Kaam Ko Taala Karte Hain
Ye Sapne Paala Karte Hain

Ye Hardum Socha Karte Hain
Ye Khud Se Poocha Karte Hain

Kyon Duniya Ka Naara Jame Raho…

Ye Waqt Ke Kabhi Ghulam Nahin
Inhain Kisi Baat Ka Dhyan Nahin
Titli Se Milne Jaate Hain
Ye Pedon Se Batiyate Hain

Ye Hawa Batora Karte Hain
Barish Ki Boondein Padhate Hai
Aur Aasmaan Ke Canvas Pe
Ye Kalakariyan Karte Hain


….since when did I start listening to Duniya Ka Naara, can’t remember. But I do miss the child within!


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