Top Shots

Be it top IMDB movie rating, Booker Prize for Literary Achievements, or Nobel prize for various disciplines, they all mean the same thing to me. More masala for timepass and information. I watched The Dark Knight after reading its 9.1 and was amazed by the movie. Its diffcult to express how fascinated I was by the movie. I have definitely not watched a better movie on the big screen before.

I read Kiran Desai/Arundhati Roy/Jhumpa Lahiri, bought a Naipaul, plan buying Istanbul by Pamuk – all after the the news of awards/prizes they won.

Now, I am reading all the articles of Paul Krugman one by one patiently trying to make sense of them, coz after all he won the Nobel for economics!

Wish someday I would be able to distinguish for myself the top shots and won’t have to wait in newspapers to find them out!


5 thoughts on “Top Shots

  1. this time at least I cracked it. I have been reading Paul Krugman for more than a year :D

    This funda doesnt seem to work always though. I found some of Amartya Sen’s books ulti bore.

    Nevertheless, on an average the award winning dudes would tend to perform better than the others so worth taking the chance :)


  2. You can also try reading Aravind Adiga’s “The White Tiger” for which he won the 2008 Booker yesterday beating Amitav Ghosh’s “Sea of Poppies” narrowly. Two Indian writers were in the final list!!


  3. You are probably capable of judging books/movies etc. even now. All you need to do is go to the bookstore, browse through the books and pick a book that you think could be interesting, not just the ones that you “heard” of etc. You’ll be surprised how good the less known writers can be. But then, you know, the bookstores only keep books which are “popular”. So you will not find completely obscure books, but you will definitely discover some good writers.

    I was browsing through our library’s movie collection and thought the cover of this DVD looked interesting, and borrowed the movie. Watched the movie, loved it. Looked up the director – and guess what, he is a famous Swedish director called Ingmar Bergman. Watched 7 of his movies since and loved each one of them. I wouldn’t probably have come across this director if I didn’t pick the movie randomly.

    It is an interesting and rewarding exercise. You should definitely try it.


  4. I read The White Tiger over the weekend and it is probably my first book/novel which I read jacket to jacket (except short stories). It is definitely a page turner and a satire of highest quality.


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