Coz I have nothing really to write right now. Its a Murphy-Anu’s law. When you are too busy to type it out there are entire posts, articles which you think and articulate in your mind. And when you sit down to write down something, the words seem to vanish away. I have First Language Pedagogy this sem. Instructor is an American. Which I mention because for the first time in a school I have heard a teacher singing a song in a class to get across a point. That too subtley. And she sings beautifully. She must be in her 70s or above. While listening to her sing all I could think was oh she must be amazing in her youth. Quite a catch for guys of her age. the course starts with a discussion on words. The pedagogic courses aree quite interesting. They make you question the taken-for-granted practices. Like why do you call something a table and other object chair. What are the attributes attached. Say when you sit on a table does it become a chair? Or when you sit on floor and use chair as table, does the chair become table? Or in math, why is 1/(3/4) = 4/3? Say this is the question a child asks you. How do you answer that? Or why do we borrow while subtrating? What does borrowing signify? Its all quite interesting. Or why the Right to Education Bill will not become a law?

I am not here for the sake of writing. My head is full of too many things right now. Its a state when one tries to detach herself from the present frame and gain another perspective. Like perspective of time. It plays a very important role in analysing the present. Its been so long since I have been on mountains. Suddenly I am missing them too much. I am unable to appreciate beauty as such. I only appreciate what it does to me. Like listening to a beautiful piece of music. Or reading poetic prose. ( I dont have a taste for poetry unfortunately) Or explaining the social patterns not easily identified but felt all the time. Or find a pattern in the names children coin for the unknown. But above all most beautiful are mountains. Because they are least effort and maximum results. Quite contradictory to the laws of nature. You just go and sit on the top of a hill and you suddenly gain a different perspective. Its like a magic trick. Everything piece of the puzzle falls into place. You don’t seek answers anymore. Nothing really matters. I do miss the time when I used to march into hills alone. :( Why do people change seriously…. 

I am too tired to have a cheerful outlook right now.


2 thoughts on “Musings

  1. since you cannot go to the mountains – do the next best thing. Watch a feel good movie – “Run fatboy run” is pretty hilarious. “Hot fuzz” (same actor) is good too.


  2. thanks… i wish i was in the richest country of the world, where there are libraries (or other agencies) through which I could borrow/buy cheaply good movies…

    sigh…! i am not…

    btw, thanks for the suggestions…would try finding them
    meanwhile, i would suggest you watch “the dark knight”… superb movie


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