Things I wanna do before I turn 30

This time I didn’t make any new year resolutions or celebrations. But circumstances pushed me to dream harder. To make bigger plans. I don’t see much gay or fun in recent present so making long term plans. Less than five years are left before I turn 30, and there are few things I wanna do/have before the end of the golden years of youth!

– Make out at the top of a mountain, outside in rain and on a beach

– Have a honeymoon in Kashmir, and one in Austria; before that:

– Get Married

– Cook a proper 4 course delicious sumptous authentic Italian dinner 

– Get at least one article (or in worst case: a letter) published in good newspaper (not TOI, HT)

– Paint a wall of my house with graffiti; before that:

– Have a home where I live for at least 2 years at a stretch

– Be able to swim 1 km without stopping for breath or rest.

– Laugh as much as I laughed in last 25 years. Which means everyday I would have to laugh five times more. (sounds cheesy I know!)

– Get into a settled career path (for next 20-25 yrs)

– Own a beautiful evening gown. Wear it at least once.

– Own at least 4 comfortable beautiful pieces of footwear to go with my entire wardrobe.

– Go to some place new with my parents for a family vacation.

– Go on at least 5 one week long treks. One in each year. Hopefully one in Alpine ranges.

Thats all. While writing I couldn’t help thinking of Bucket List (or Dasvidaniya for hindi people). I guess I can’t help living life at the rim. But listing out all these tasks did fill me with lot of enthusiasm which is lacking in life these days.


4 thoughts on “Things I wanna do before I turn 30

  1. better to dream big, then not at all. It is fun creating these lists. I find the challenge and everything that goes with it, is what makes life great. Wish you the best on your journey!


  2. @ mikewalzman

    thanks for stopping by and for the wishes.


    what do you suggest part-2 should have? (List of what I was able to do by 30?)


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