Wish you a very Happy Holi!

Happy Holi to colour our lives, our dreams and to colour each other with hopes and joys! 

This year I sent sms to all my friends and family saying Happy Holi. And I wished the rest over phone. I usually don’t send such wishes. I usually don’t even call people. But lately life has taught me to keep in touch with friends and relatives. Its not enough to simply feel connected to other person, it is important to show it as well! 

Of course there is usually a set of people in your life who would love you even if you go and murder someone. I am not refering to them. I am talking to about those with whom you can spend your weekend once in a while or pass time with. You don’t appreciate how important they are for you. I have learnt in Mumbai local trains people have made friends to chat with while commuting and who have remained friends forever. There are too many faces of friendship to quantify or to attach a label to them. The idea is to keep the relationship alive by just a hello or a wish. And I am glad I m doing it now!


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