She died few years back. I don’t keep track of time passed in this while. Had always told myself she is still alive. Only I have lost touch with her. Like with many other ….

But these days whenever I feel lonely, her face comes to my mind. I don’t know why. And it forces me to accept the fact that she has ceased to live. Though I still can’t say that she is dead. She is very much alive in my mind. Nevertheless, I know Surbhi is not there any more – she is not studying nor working, she doesnt have a boyfriend or a husband, she is not ill or well, she is not going to grow old, she doesnt have any remorses nor any memories.. she is herself a memory… 

I miss her a lot. 

She was one of my best friends. An amazing person. Full of energy, curiosity, enthusiasm and love. 

She threw the best party ever thrown for me.

We talked for hours the days we spent together trying to study for competitive exams! I found out so many things about myself while talking to her. She was the first one to ask me sincerely about my dreams. What I wanted to do in life. Sounds very trivial now when it has become a cliched topic. But in teenage, it means a lot to dream.

I just wish I could meet her once again. Just once more to bid good bye.

2 thoughts on “Surbhi

  1. this is fact of life.
    we should do good things so that others can remember and we can live in their hearts even after death which is a fact of life.


  2. today, I saw your bal bharati school magazine ‘sagarika’ wherein you and surbhi class XII B were student editors. The title of the magazine is GIVE ME MY TODAY. I think same “Surbhi”


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