my password today.. that shows how much I have been ignoring this writing space. Also shows how damn busy I have been.

I can’t remember very well the last hol I enjoyed. Thoroughly. I guess it must be Goa in mid-March. I loved Goa irrespective of my disliking the fact that we didn’t see much there. I guess its the effect of being in water. Body-sailing with the tides. Its thrilling. Kashid beach is the best one I have been to so far. Including Andamans. Nevertheless, you cross 25 and you start caring for your life. And so, I prefer those beaches where I see a life-gaurd hanging around. Even though he might not have equipment or facilities to be able to save me if I am in a real danger! I just like the thought that the chances that I drown and die reduce at least a bit.

Yeah, thinking of water brings back the peace. I can’t even seem to remember the mountains. It’s almost like 6 months since I went up to a decent height. I can’t imagine why I do this with myself. I blame Mumbai and late-coming (read No-coming) of monsoons! Every week I dream of going up lush green Shayadris, while getting soaked up in water falls.. and it never happens.

I feel like Aamir Khan in DCH after Shalini lefts him. Its as if the whole world is passing by and I am standing in a corner watching it. I know I am thinking all off-track and if I start thinking morbidly it’s not gonna end. But sometimes you need just a small pause. The music sounds like cacophony right now. My friend who is married with a kid and is usually miserable that she is not working or earning for herself, independent, or in a nutshell would love to exchange her life with mine, usually hears similar woes from me! I feel like I have no time for myself. Much like what she says. I am too tired to do anything at the end of the day. And too lonely to do anything alone anyways! This week I just watched TV for like 4 hours after returning from office. Its just the life which I thought I would never lead. I hate TV. I hate the idea that I just work the whole day and and then spend the remaining time de-stressing myself.  I don’t seem to be able to break this barrier. There is so much to do but either I am v bad at managing energy levels and time or I am not able to break the problem in sub-problems correctly.

Any suggestions?


8 thoughts on “Forgot

  1. I am delightful to read your posts even if you sound very miserable(nothing sadistic about it), just that the way you write makes me feel happy. I am not position to suggest anything here except that you should be writing more often.


  2. Ankur,

    Thanks a lot for replying!

    When you are thinking morbidly kind words from anyone have a doubly effect! :)

    Would definitely write more often! :) Thanks.



  3. yes, you must write much more regularly! you are a damn good writer/blogger! Keep Posting, sharing feelings through perfect articulation is a great skill! cheers!


  4. Don’t de-stress alone – how about dining out with other stressed out friends ;-) And I agree on the “very good blog” part.


  5. Welcome back. I for sure felt great after reading your post irrespective of the content :) Keep writing! May be, thats what is needed for de-stressing.


  6. May be you can drop here sometimes. The distances in Mumbai are forbidding, but – though not as good as Kashid – this place can easily boast of best sea-side in Mumbai :-).

    Caution: You can’t soak yourself up in water – this is a rocky beach, but unencumbered by the crowds elsewhere (anywhere!) in Mumbai.


  7. dear fox, madhur and sudoo

    :D Its so great to get back to blog! And get such kind and supportive comments.. thanks a ton.. I have been pushing myself to write more, bt I guess the idea is not to push too hard :P
    Would keep writing.. thanks for the support…


    Thanks for the invit, I would surely drop by soon… band-stand is also pretty much dead now.. how about this sunday?


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