Signs of growing up

1. Start to believe in the existence of God  -or at least start questioning the strong belief that It doesn’t exist

2. Frequent pangs of insomnia

3. Back aches

4. Start to read while on toilet seat

5. Various noises during morning ablution

6. Growing need to be friendly, social with everyone – least you die alone

7. Making lists of what all you want to do – five year planning

8. TV is your new best friend

9. Take an auto for a 10 minutes walk distance

10. Sugarfree tea, sugarfree coffee, sugarfree nimbu pani ….. sugar free chocolate!

11. Calling maa every day.

12. Don’t remember what half of your wardrobe looks like.

Please add on the list if you have your own weird habits! :)


8 thoughts on “Signs of growing up

  1. 1) Survive for 5 days in office and live life in remaining 2 days of week

    2) start worrying about hair loss

    3) never feel completely fit.

    4) Absent mindedly talk to people for the sake of it.


  2. 1. 8:00 am is not early.
    2. You go from 130 days of vacation time to 20.
    3. Adults feel comfortable telling jokes about sex in front of you… and they’re no longer “adults” – they are your peers.
    4. Half your conversations with current college students start with, “When I was in college…”


  3. U wake up and u sleep only with one song in mind – “dil dhoonta hai phir wohi fursat ke raat din..”

    U start valuing your relations more

    U r busy without work

    U think of gyming but never start

    With gain in maturity the insecurity and dependency also increases

    If u are married ur habit of saying love u to ur hubby/wife at the end of each call becomes mechanical and u end up saying that to ur boss, parents BUT UR WIFE/HUBBY…etc etc

    Last but not the least – “U forget how to live”


  4. 1. You begin to realise your teens were a period of Social and High School frustration ….not some rebellious, “Change The World” point in time.

    2. Your Boss isn’t that much more clever than you, he just knew more people.

    3. Your Boss wouldn’t be reading this, so he is happy with his career….you’re not.

    4. Your Parents arn’t perfect, in fact they’ve fucked up plenty. But are you gonna do any better????

    5. Everything that has just been mentioned doesn’t matter. ………

    6. Happiness begins with acceptance.

    7. Happiness is the journey…not the destination.


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