Late night session

Its 15 mins to 2. And nothing good happens after 2 am. Thats the punch line of one of the episodes of HIMYM which I happened to watch in time pass days. I m quite sleepy but not getting any sleep. :-/ Sitting on a floor cushion in my drawing room with fan on in the month of January! So one thing is certain – I can’t stand cold now. In fact everyday I remind myself how lucky I am not to be in Delhi. Where it is painful to get up in the morning, to drag yourself to bath, when moving from one room to another is like a punishment. Don’t understand how can the countries in the most un-suitable weather to live in are also the richest and most powerful. For first half of the last century it was Russia (God forbid if I ever have to visit it) and now it is the USA (little better off – but still so chilly!). Anyways, I know I like hot and humid places much better.

Since, I am not getting any ideas to write, let me think of any thoughts/ideas I had other than routine things in past so many days –

1. How advertisements reflect the changes in the society-

a. Jewelry ads – No more a woman in traditional saree is shown flaunting her husband’s riches by carrying heavy gold necklaces. With most of the independent working money with spare earnings are going for cheap yet very-much-in-style silver and gems, old coins, fake metal jewelry – the traditional jewelry is re-crafted to cater to this market. Now, the jewelry is not passed from father to bride as a token of love, it is presented by partners in the form of platinum bands to each other. The lady who wears designer gold/diamond jewelry is projected to be smart, independent and confident woman! Interesting I must say. In next 10 years, we shall have ads where man and woman say their vows in their own words in their wedding ceremony while exchanging jewelry gifts. That would be a new trend settler. Waiting ….

b. Insurance/Savings ads – bachhe ko jo banna hai woh khud hi decide karega. Of course Mr Aamir Khan has a big role in selling this idea. Being in this area professionally too, I m quite thankful to him. Of course, I was quite disappointed with 3-idiots. Nonetheless, the idea of independence is growing quite steadily in every sphere! Cheers to that! We seem to be accepting market economy philosophically as well. Its high time we do that.

c. Hearing it in the child’s voice – Gone are the days when kids were supposed to be innocence. Gone are the days when their innocence had to be protected by adult decision-making processes. Now an 8 yr old decides to book a Volkswagen for his 18th birthday. A child is giving 5 steps instructions on how to use a washing machine. A skeptic grandmom also enjoys Maggi – pazzta! Chinese cuisine has been replaced by Italian as the world orders pizza when hungry.

d. Of course, there are other aspects as well. Even though master card can buy you everything but happiness, there is tata-sky and other such cable TV services which will bring happiness right into your drawing room! Children will study only when their favorite cartoon show is recorded on TV. An orphaned child will feel at home in her new adopted family only if there is Dish TV at home! Do people actually fall for such things? I do hope not.

I guess I have forgotten other thoughts as of now. So would end this one here. Hope to catch some sleep soon!

Happy Republic Day!


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