Elements of a good sunday..

A good book – Yuganta (a must read)

An authentic movie – Ishqiya

Latest dancing track – uff teri adaa

Hot delicious food – sorry can’t share it as yet! (waiting for technology to transfer mass).

Friends to laugh with – :D plenty around everyone!


Two quick thoughts on the book and the flick –

Yuganta is an anthropologist’s collection of essays on her interpretations of the Mahabharata. At places she has also used her imagination to fill the missing links. Iravati Karve was one of the first members in the family of educationists and it turns out I have studied with her daughters’ daughter and been taught by one of her daughter! It is such a charming change to read one of the most powerful story in the world told in such an academic fashion. It is a must read who have slightest of interest in history and the art of story-telling! I know it is the next gift for my mom!

About Ishqiya – what is this new trend of captivating audience with all the abuses one can think of? How come this idea sells like hot cakes? After all the experience of hanging out with great intellectual thinkers, educationists, world-reformers I have developed extreme respect for people who can sell. Whatever the product may be. Yes, at the end of everything is money. I still have to see people who are happy without any of it. No matter what you do, you have to sell your idea, your philosophy, your art, your music to succeed. Three cheers to VB for devising the winner formula for selling flicks!


5 thoughts on “Elements of a good sunday..

  1. It is also about an extremely improbable event where a woman in a place like Gorakhpur seeks revenge from her dead husband who is also a gang leader?!! This is taking to new heights the idea of feminism.. even the feminists don’t run with their fancy so far!


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