Remember the Spic Macay programs in L7 where there were 2-3 artists on stage together and we were mesmerized with the magic they created.

Now imagine these 11 artists on the stage, all maestros on their instruments playing impromptu on the stage. I didn’t even recognize those instruments, leave alone the musicians! Read the whole story here.

However, I recognized two instruments very well – clarinet and bass guitar. These were played by two musicians from Istanbul and they were just too amazing. The jugalbandi with 11 different instruments was the best I have ever experienced. The players where enjoying themselves so much that their thrill and excitement was communicated to the audience through their music.

The best of all was definitely Zakir Hussain. He communicates so well with the audience that you feel like floating into a different world. With all the different music pieces, I could relate something. At one point, I could see a sun setting far away, at another – the fast moving traffic. How much music can control your emotions is so magical! :)

Definitely have to learn an instrument well. (Thats another thing on the list). Cheers to all the musicians!


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