Taking roll

I have started loggin to face book every night..

I have lived and worked in Mumbai for maximum period till now..

There hasn’t been a month from past 1 year in which I haven’t travelled out of Mumbai

I have not been home for over 6 months – almost longest period ever..

I have the same dream for a month now – to stand on Bedni Bugyal and witness the most beautiful scene in the world

I check office emails everyday – more than once on sundays/holidays

I usually work on Saturday – working or off – unless I am not in Mumbai (usually even then)

I have lost weight – or so say the friends who haven’t seen me over a month

I have started working out

I live alone and like it

I have started to interact with the kids living in my building

I gave my first sales pitch this month and it went well

I don’t think things turn out the way you thought they would :) I have grown up!

I love Mumbai. But it takes toll on you. I would like to move out in an year or two.

Life is not a piece of cake.


4 thoughts on “Taking roll

  1. interesting things happening! hope the momentum carries on! life’s not a piece of cake but it can still be a cookie. leaving a good taste once in a while, worth it! love ur blogs!


  2. This is almost sad – chhoti si, pyari si little sis is no longer a child. Nice blog. Bedni Bugyal seems to be a good place for second home in retirement.


  3. this blog is simple and nice. No need to spices when u love simple things in life. I also want to go to Bedni bugyal. I think ,it is in Uttarakhand


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