When are you inspired?

When you hear a beautiful song and end up singing it incessantly for days to come?

When a friend you haven’t talked with for an year tells you something good about you?

When you watch an animation/cartoon so good that you wonder if humans can create avatars which can act/teach better than themselves?

When you know at home people who love you most are waiting for you to come back?

When you realize that the bad times shall pass too?

When a friend tells you something really horrible about you and challenges you to handle that fact?

When you read a book and wish you had written it?

When you watch a classical dancer and wish you can dance like her?

When you watch Hugh Grant and Sandra Bullock kiss at the end (dashing millionaire and geeky lawyer ends up together – wow!)?

When you watch a 2 year old start speaking a word, a phrase, a sentence, and there’s no end…

When you find a squirrel nibbling while hanging upside down from a tree defying the very nature of gravity?

When you realize you are surrounded by people ready to help you, guide you, mentor you at every instance, every step?


How can one not be inspired in this world?


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