Dancing away..

Don’t have time to write a detailed blog about this experience – which I have to do one of these days. But just so that I capture this one of the most important experiences of my life on my blog, I need to jot down a few lines about it.

I started learning Bharatnatyam from the second week of my coming to Ahmedabad. Learning this particular dance form is something I have always pined for. I used to dream of dancing on stage beautifully at a time when my kids can be in the audience – that means I always thought I would do this when I am more settled with loads of time on hand. But around an year back, thanks to Mumbai life, I began to lose faith in my body. I used to look at the dance and felt that I can never do this. It required too much flexibility.

It feels so wonderful when you are proved wrong about something negative you had imagined about yourself! Thats exactly how I feel right now. My calf muscles, thigh muscles all are tighter.. with lot of flab ‘danced away’! Obviously I am and have been in a LOT OF PAIN. It almost feels like that mountain we used to climb.. wishing the trek would get over sooooooon. Only here you feel like this over an extended period of time – not for just a day or two of trek!
But today in the class, when I was starting to get mad at the teacher for teaching us at such a fast pace and making us move on and on without a pause and a rest, he suddenly declared, we will finish year-1 steps by May. I was like woah! Really? I have heard people learn dance for like 7-8 years.. I am gonna finish one milestone so soon! And I sworn to myself that by eow (end of the week) I will for surely master all the steps I have been taught so far. Which probably means getting a pseudo master outside classroom – but I think I can manage. Its a ‘high’ feeling which can drive a person to any extend. I hope to preserve this feeling for long! Its really intoxicating!



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