The name says it all.

This year on Christmas we went to a vineyard resort in India maintained by Sula, called Beyond. I was, for one, not expecting too much. After covering the length and breadth of stay-options across the country, I only trust a few names like Taj, Four Seasons, Jungle Lodges in the name of luxury. So when I heard about a luxurious resort which is surprisingly tucked out from the reach of the crowds, especially when it is only 180 kms away from the madness called Mumbai, I was obviously skeptic.

The place is very small, with 23 rooms in all, all overlooking a pool, the vineyard and a huge huge lake. So the best part about the region around Sula, near Nashik, is that there are many water bodies all around the region. Somehow these water bodies are not yet dead from human usage. In fact the area is quite sparsely populated. Another good thing!

So we reach the resort, which is clean and tastily decorated. We reach the room – and oh! I love it! Especially the bathroom. The rooms have these very high roofs (at least the rooms on the first floor do) which have glass on a region of the roof. Below the glass, you have your very own garden inside the bathroom! Unfortunately I and my husband never think about clicking pictures and only when I remember back I realize I don’t have a pic to share. Next time, I would definitely get a snap.

Of course, staying at a vineyard resort means you have all the wines in your mini-fridge you need for the perfect weekend. On top of it, the adventurous couple – which we are – either find trouble or create one. So we went for kayaking in the lake for more than an hour, saw colonies of water birds and no human trace. Somehow I was surprised that there were not more than two other boats out for either a trip on the lake, or fishing. The whole place was truly ‘beyond’ the expectations. For me the kayaking was truly the best part. For Nitesh, it had to be climbing the ‘mitti ka teela’ at the night. And dragging his friends along. Not to mention drinking wine at the top! Or it could have been sitting next to the pool at the night, sipping wine and feeling awesome (his words).

Though I had decided that I won’t write about this place – the lesser publicity about it – the better it is for a few of us who have discovered it, I had to write as I am so impressed by a place after a long long time!


2 thoughts on “Beyond

  1. Disclaimer: All the things about Nitesh are totally fabricated and fictitious. He stays away from the Teelas, Wine and Swimming pools. These modern things scares him. :-|


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