The new year

Have you ever felt that the party is getting over as the year comes closer to an end? Don’t wanna sound negative, but the truth is that I had the most smacking year of my adult life so far in 2011! It was the year, when I finally started to hear the music, to quote August Rush.

In this year, I did so many of those things that I like to do, but had almost forgotten after my teens ended. Like listening to the gut feeling. Acting on an impulse. Not compromising. Being a rebel! Trying out new things. Just want to archive the few most memorable moments of this year.

– I changed my career plans thrice. I tried every path, talked to a billion of people. Known and strangers. I finally settled in a completely new domain – decision taken by a gut feeling. (Hope my employers don’t read this! :P)

– I reached the one destination in India I had dreamt of going from last 7-8 years. Bedni Bugyal, the biggest meadow in Asia. Or is it Dayara?

– I learnt to dance Bharatnatyam in a proper school, a dream since childhood.

– I made a whole bunch of friends for lifetime. When you want something, the whole universe conspires you to get it.

– I learnt to make pasta that I can appreciate. Again, a dream come true. Need a new challenge for cooking now!

– Got a couple of decent footwear. Currently – I do not have floaters!!! :-O I grew up (within an year)!

– Grew up example 2: I floss regularly!

– Grew up example 3: I take proper skin care everyday using natural home-made products! :-O

– Ok, we need to remind myself that I was talking about rebel stuff – not grew up stuff. So yes, I got out of a relationship and found a new awesome one! This was by far the most liberating act in adulthood!

– I hated and hated and hated a city and still I came back to live here. Only a rebel can do that!

– Getting married may sound quite contradictory to being impulsive. But the truth is that, this decision was taken within a span of 30 mins. The very fact that it happened impulsively could drive it to its realization!

– Decided about buying my first car totally on impulse. There are a billions of discussions when it comes to car buying. We had a deadline and I again listened to my gut feeling. We went for it. And I loved the product! Neither of us had even taken its test drive. The first time I drove it was the first time I was driving it home from the dealer’s showroom!

I just love the fact that I can still rely on my instinct. I do not have to calculate every single – small or big – decision in my life based on pros and cons!

My new year resolution is to keep listening to the music in 2012!

Happy New Year to all of you! Thanks for coming here time and again!



4 thoughts on “The new year

  1. Whats wrong with floaters?? Hey…they are the best thing that happened to mankind (well at least in the footwear department). Plus counting the pair of footwear you bought for wedding is not fair.


  2. @papa
    Thanks! :)

    Totally agreed! I am just surprised that I don’t have floaters and I am surviving! Vaise, I have seen that working women in Delhi/Mumbai do not use floaters! They have fancy footwear which are as comfortable as floaters!


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