You fill my heart

You are young and easily believe in your dreams. In beautiful and lovely things. You like to see the world as a simple and easy place to live in. You don’t understand why your mom dad fights. You don’t understand why your elder brother, who is so incredibly smart, can be distressed. You don’t have too many choices, too much freedom, too many decisions to take. You don’t seek too many choices either. You believe in soul mates. You are over-whelmed to read love story novels. At that age, Manju Kapoor’s Difficult Daughters seems to talk about a make-believe world. A world of fiction. You trust Eric Segal’s Class and Love Story to represent reality. A reality which could happen to you. A reality which you dream about.

After 15 years, on a regular day, you drive to office amidst erratic traffic, mentally cross-checking the tasks lying ahead for you, when a song from Love Story is played on the radio.

‘She fills my heart, with very special things

With angel songs, with wild imaginings

She fills my soul with so much love

That anywhere I go, I am never lonely…”

And in a moment of pure bliss, you smile and think to yourself, ‘I am living that dream’.


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