Things I wanna do before I turn 30 – checklist

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Jan 7 2009:

This time I didn’t make any new year resolutions or celebrations. But circumstances pushed me to dream harder. To make bigger plans. I don’t see much gay or fun in recent present so making long term plans. Less than five years are left before I turn 30, and there are few things I wanna do/have before the end of the golden years of youth!

– Make out at the top of a mountain, outside in rain and on a beach


– Have a honeymoon in Kashmir, and one in Austria; before that:

Kashmir was too disappointing before wedding and Austria after wedding. But yes, had 3-4 honeymoons in other very beautiful places. 

– Get Married

Done. Why was this even on the list?

– Cook a proper 4 course delicious sumptous authentic Italian dinner

Done. 4 courses on 4 different days. No desserts. 

– Get at least one article (or in worst case: a letter) published in good newspaper (not TOI, HT)

Not done, little disappointed.

– Paint a wall of my house with graffiti; before that:

Not done, very disappointed. 

– Have a home where I live for at least 2 years at a stretch

Not done. Not at all disappointed! 

– Be able to swim 1 km without stopping for breath or rest.

Not done. But instead I am able to run for 5 km at a stretch, which makes it up for it a little bit. :P 

– Laugh as much as I laughed in last 25 years. Which means everyday I would have to laugh five times more. (sounds cheesy I know!)

Hehe.. if we replace laugh with “drink” … I am way ahead! 

– Get into a settled career path (for next 20-25 yrs)

Hahahaha!! Who was I kidding! 

– Own a beautiful evening gown. Wear it at least once.

Yups. Check. Check. Check. 

– Own at least 4 comfortable beautiful pieces of footwear to go with my entire wardrobe.

Check. The most comfortable and beautiful pieces of footwear to go with my entire wardrobe are: my running shoes, my gym shoes, my hiking boots, and my wooden floor sneakers! 

– Go to some place new with my parents for a family vacation.

Goa baby! 

– Go on at least 5 one week long treks. One in each year. Hopefully one in Alpine ranges.

Bedni done. Alps done. Sahaydris done. Scuba done. Alone in the ocean with marine life below me done. 

Thats all. While writing I couldn’t help thinking of Bucket List (or Dasvidaniya for hindi people). I guess I can’t help living life at the rim. But listing out all these tasks did fill me with lot of enthusiasm which is lacking in life these days.

I must say I dream very small. Its time to dream much much more bigger, higher in the 30ies!! 



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